Thursday, October 14, 2010

thursday = friday

it's fridaayy! well actually it's thursday but it's like friday for me because i don't have class tomorrow. awesome. fridays are usually wedding planning days for me. tomorrow will be spent preparing for our engagement party on saturday. which i am so PUMPEDDD about!

i hardly ever get to see my friends, and my closest friends have never been all together at once. which is crazy but i'm glad all this wedding stuff is bringing people together. Jordan's friends are completely different because almost all of his Greensboro people live in Raleigh or went to NC State. so they're just a giant group that hangs out all the time. in my case, i have had many different "lives" over the past few years: Storm Squad life, NC State life, WCA life, church life, and those friends who i've just had forever. so my friends are all over the place & some of them have never even met. i'm thankful for all of them, but Jordan's friends make me jealous because they get to be together all the time. at least they let me join them :) 

i'm actually kind of nervous for everyone to meet and hang out. i guess i shouldn't be because they're all awesome people but i just like pleasing people & for everyone to be happy & i want them all to be comfortable. especially the bridal party people because that consists of 22 people hahah. God has blessed us so much with amazing people.

well i just didn't want that one little post to be lonely so now i have 2. at least i didn't stop at 1. so yay. now it's the night for Community and The Office - the funniest shows on television! yeeeeauuuhhhhhhhh


  1. and i don't fit into anyone of those groups missy (yeah it's okay, our relationship is complicated)! haha...CAN'T WAIT UNTIL SATURDAY!!

  2. Ashley Joy this is a great idea! You are my newest and best bookmark. Love you much!

  3. I would like to go on record and state that I am one of "hose friends who i've just had forever." Miss you and I'm excited to see you! :)

  4. Ashley, have fun tonight!!!! This is my first official experience with a BLOG!!!!! I have arrived now right? Say hi to everyone for me & have fun. Love you lots, Rooo's Mom



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