Tuesday, October 26, 2010

what we have been up to as of late.

so, it's another day, another week, but life just got a lot more busy due to the fact that basketball season started today. we had JV & varsity girls tryouts day 1, and the gym felt like home. it was so great to see everyone who returned, and to see fresh faces whom i am excited to meet. i am also pumped that Jordan will be helping the JV boys head coach Chris Underwood. :) i think they will do a spectacular job. the first home games are Tuesday, November 16. so be there.

our engagement party a couple weekends ago went wonderfully. we have the best friends and family and they are all so fun. i'm glad that many of them were able to meet each other, although i wish there could have been more interaction between my friends and Jordan's friends. but there will be more opportunity for that. the Browns and the Stricklands were so kind to help my parents with the food and such, and we were so glad that Jordan's family could come from out of town. there was Wii and cornhole, and some awesome Mario Kart decorations. Peach and Mario represent me and Jordan quite nicely. except i'm not usually stolen and he doesn't usually have to come find me in castles. not yet at least.

this past weekend we were able to go to Greensboro, aka "G-Boro", where many g's reside. it was a jolly good time and i was sad when we had to leave. on Friday we went to Jordan's grandparents' wienie roast and spent some quality time with his family. Jordan has 10 month old triplet cousins who are always highly entertaining for everyone, and even more fun to watch when Jordan is interacting with them. he is such a kid. another reason why i love him. it is great being around his family because they are so loving and easy to talk to. i am so blessed to get to be a Shelley in a few months. :)

then we went to Jordan's friends' bonfire and that was great because we got to ride fourwheelers! i love riding fourwheelers but hardly ever do. yes, we were wearing helmets, mother, i know that is what you are wondering. so it was the three best friends (Jordan, Dillon, Patrick) with their three women (me, Sara, Lindsay) riding through the woods and amongst the cows in the light of the full moon. awesome. i would partake in that every night if i could. we then made smores and laughed our heads off at Jordan's friends, because they are pretty much the funniest people ever.

Friday night i spent the night with Jordan's sister Anna in her room which was quite the treat. although we did not actually sleep until the wee hours of the morning, i now know many, many hilarious stories about Jordan and his family, and some interesting views that Anna has about waking up from a dream and such. ;) Saturday was spent at my cousin Harleigh's third birthday and seeing the Brady and Scott families which was sweeeeeet! i got to hold baby Boston for quite a while. yes i have a cousin named Boston. yes i am jealous of this name. then we watched Anna win her final soccer game of the season (yeahh #2!) and ate a delicious meal that Mrs. Kim had prepared. we spent the rest of the night watching home videos which i LOVE. i never turn down an opportunity to watch home videos. they're the best. Sunday was spent at Shannon Hills Bible Chapel worshiping our Lord, and then eating at the Shelley home again. 

so obviously, this was an excellent set of weekends. (haha every time i think of the word "obviously" what immediately pops into my head is "well, obviously, we have a rapist in lincoln park, he's climbing in yo windows..") we are always so busy and have so many people we need to spend time with and i love it. God has truly blessed us. i wish we could see all the G-Boro people more often but i am thankful for the time that we do have.

wedding planning. there has definitely been some of that going on. we do have our wedding website, so you can look at that for all the info that you are just dying to know! haha. most of the save the dates are out, which is a relief. my bridesmaid dresses are picked and hopefully ordered by now, or if not then soon please, haha. my flowergirls are going to look adorable in their dresses. so i am excited about all of this. still there is much much much left to do. i'm just ready for March 19 so i can be with my mannn! i will leave you with this number that is getting less and less: 145 days. yessssss.

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, His love endures forever." -1 Chronicles 16:34


  1. Loved seeing you and Jordan over the weekend. Fun getting to know you better - you are a sweet(and beautiful) young lady and we are so happy to welcome you into our family.

  2. hahaha yesss the dreams :) good times, good times.
    and to the "obviously" part...this cracks me up. and now when someone says "backin up" i will laugh too haha.

  3. I am happy for you as you begin this new journey. :) Enjoy the moments!



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