Tuesday, October 19, 2010

why i love october.

there are many reasons why i love October. i have been thinking about these reasons as of late. why does it appeal to me so much? why do i look forward to it every year? i think i have figured it out.

i am one who values tradition. especially those of you who are in my close family know this for a fact, as i am always emphasizing doing our regular activities and taking our annual pictures and such. traditions are fun, and traditions are consistent. they rarely change. they're always there for me. they are comforting.

that is one of the most amazing and wonderful aspects of the character of God to me. He is unchanging, faithful, always the same. will never leave me or forsake me. loyal and loving no matter what. but also hates sin no matter what. He, unlike people, will never ever let you down. "For all men are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord stands forever." - I Peter 1:24-25

October is the most consistent month to me. at this point, if you are in school, you have a routine down. the weather is cooling off (sort of) and it's usually lovely outside. there is no threat of winter weather, and hardly ever a thunderstorm. the leaves always change to reveal another side of God's majesty.

certain things always happen. hockey starts officially. this is different for me this year because i am not a part of it like i was, but i will always be a Canes fan and look forward to a fresh hockey season. football games are in full force. even though we don't have a traditional winning record, the games are always some of most fun experiences of my college career. we tailgate, we yell, we have red-outs, we stand in the rain, we sing heeeeeyyy babyyyy i wanna knowwww if you'll be my girl. we're there every year and we are loyal no matter what the score or the record. this is how it will always be for me.

the State Fair comes every single year in October. there has not been a year of my life when i haven't been to the State Fair. i don't cry and hide during the fireworks like i used to, thankfully, but i go at least once and get my traditional foods: a turkey leg, a candy apple, cotton candy, and a caramel apple for my mom. i ride some rides and people watch. it's always excellent and i love it.

MLB playoffs are in October. i love major league baseball. i mean, obviously i love the Red Sox but i also just love the whole system. every year one team from the National League and one team from the American League will meet up for the final series. usually we do make the playoffs, and only two years of my life have i been completely happy and satisfied with everything, but i watch it every year regardless. this year i am pulling hardcore for the Rangers (my 2nd favorite team) and my dad's cousin Josh. baseball never lets me down. every year it is here for me, every year my Sox show up and battle it out all season, and it all comes down to October. it's awesome. as far as this year goes, i must say that i am content with our season this year, because the Sox won the one game they needed to, and it was the best day of my life thus far. :)

basketball begins. this is my favorite part because i look forward to it all year after February. unless you are a coach, you cannot fully understand how fulfilling this time is for me. it is a ministry, it is what i love, and i care about the girls so much i can't even explain it. it's like i'm reunited with my family when basketball starts. and we really are a family. i will talk more about this later, but when October comes, and basketball finally gets here, i feel like i am doing what i'm supposed to be doing. and it's by God's grace that i have the opportunity and ability to do it. 

you may say, okay that's a lot of stuff that always happens, but what about December? that month has more traditions than any of them. well, perhaps yes, and of course i love Christmas and celebrating Christ's birth specifically, but it's just so busy. also, after Christ, it is centered around people, and people are not consistent. they will let you down, and they will not always be there, because people don't last. the leaves always change. the state fair always comes. there are always football games, and the Sox always have a team for me to love. basketball will bring a new team of girls every year that i am coaching.

God's blessings abound at all times of the year, and i love every season for different reasons. but there's just something about October.

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