Thursday, October 14, 2010


well hey. it is officially late at night. i have done all the studying i can do tonight, but alas, i cannot go to sleep yet. maybe it's because i've been eating Starburst jellybeans but whatev.

i've always wanted to have a blog. i remember when Xanga was the thing and i friggin loved that. but anyone who knows me knows that i haven't had much extra time on my hands the past few years. soo i've never done it. but i enjoy reading Whitney Bauer's and Rachel Kiser's whenever i think about it, and now my friend Renee Johnson just started one as well. i had a fabulous dinner with her tonight (at El Dorado's YUM) and she inspired me. but she always inspires me, so that's nothing new.

it's getting to the point where it's extremely hard to keep up with people and to tell them what exactly is going on in my life and find out about theirs. even my good friends and family. i guess that's what happens when you grow up, but i'm not fond of it. i'm not really a fan of change. soo..i figured this could assist with this problem and maybe even answer the most popular question of my life right now: "how's wedding planning?!?" 

speaking of wedding planning, i'm getting married. so my name up there in your little web bar thing says Shelley because that's what it will be in 5 months so i just went ahead and put it there. and yes, the planning thing is going as good as it can go! i will be able to offer you our wedding website to visit soon, but it is not quite done.

alright i suppose i must join Teddy in my bed. (Teddy is my stuffed animal friend for those of you who are questioning my fidelity.) hopefully i will actually write in this thing & not forget about it like my Twitter. i think i still have a Twitter? ehh i don't remember. goodnight & God bless.

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