Wednesday, November 10, 2010

20 random thoughts.

1. i haven't had a post in a while. lame.

2. we had our first scrimmage game last night at Cary Academy. it went better than i thought. i'm so excited about this season.

3. i've picked out some stuff for the future Shelley residence for Christmas, and i am so ready to move and decorate! it's so funnn. i'm going to have my own kitchen! and my Nanny is giving me a yellow Kitchenaid mixer! hollaaaa (my kitchen will be green and yellow)

4. i have achieved my goal of growing my nails out and making them pretty. hopefully i can keep them like this.

5. i should be studying Philosophy instead of writing this. oh well. teletransportation will have to wait.

6. Owl City has a version of In Christ Alone - one of my most favorite songs EVER. it's pretty cool but my favorite version is still when Jordan does it :)

7. i miss my brother. can't wait to see him next weekend.

8. my last football game at Carter-Finley as a student is this weekend. bittersweet. we better win. no interceptions pleeeaaase!

9. i get to see my entire Hamilton side of the family for my cousins Mandy & Ian's wedding reception next weekend. so pumped. after March, Blake will be the last one not married! haha whoever that girl will be is gonna have to get my approval first, that's fo sho.

10. no Christmas decorations yet! it's not time!

11. it's amazing how many things God teaches me through coaching. i'm so thankful.

12. our first music video of the year was created at last weekend's sleepover. enjoy.

13. we're making Operation Christmas Child boxes tonight. i'm excited.

14. i went to a Canes game last week. it was kinda sad, but soo awesome to see people. it's really the people that i miss! and i know i can always go back & visit which is great. also we scored 7 goals...haha it was crazy good.

15. girls wearing shorts and uggs took over campus today. appalling. 

16. Jordan and i are going to the gym together today for the first time. precious, i know. i dislike working out in public places but i guess i'll get over it haha.

17. if anyone knows any nice guy who needs a place to live in Raleigh starting next semester, please let me know! this is a huge prayer request right now.

18. Halloween was fun. i wish i could be Tinkerbell once a week. one of my long lost dreams is still to be her at Disney World...

19. our first basketball game is next Tuesday. be there & wear white!

20. Blessed be the name of the Lord!

1 comment:

  1. I truly didn't know they made yellow Kitchenaid mixers. :) It is so exciting preparing for your new home! Have fun at the games!



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