Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas love & traditions.

i love Christmas. i love traditions. the combination is awesome. since next year, i will be part of a new family - the Shelley family, consisting of me & Jordan - i am thinking about the traditions we will keep going, adopt, and start for our family. so i would looove to hear some ideas from people about cool little things that they do for Christmas. 

for example, my friend Whitney posted something about how her mom puts money in a jar all year and then gives it to a family in need right before Christmas. a Christmas jar. i think that is a great idea. my family always opens stockings first on Christmas morning and that is my favorite part of presents. we used to read the accounts of the birth of Christ from the Bible on Christmas Eve. my friend Sarah said that everything she gets is completely wrapped. even little things in her stocking. 

sooo...ideas? traditions? i want feed back & inspiration, people!

i'm going to list some of my favorite things/traditions of Christmas:

1. chocolate cake & boiled custard at my Grandma's
2. my mom's million Christmas trees in our house (there's literally at least 40)
3. staying up late with Blake on Christmas Eve watching A Christmas Story
4. Elf
5. going to see the Christmas lights on Penny Road
6. stockings
7. reading the Christmas story of Jesus coming to earth :)
8. singing Christmas songs at church
9. "Sleigh Ride"
10. ASC Christmas reunion (me, Britney, Sarah)
11. Christmas party with Ashlee, Brittany, Morgan, & Laurie! (which is tomorrow!!!!)
12. the kids playing with a new singing dancing Hallmark thing at Grandma's every year (they have a table with like 8 on there...yes it is loud)
13. Oreo balls
14. Christmas cookies
15. picking out a Christmas tree
16. putting up the day by day ornaments on me & Blake's tiny Santa tree
17. sitting back & looking at all your presents after Christmas morning is over
18. looking at Christmas card pictures
19. getting socks from my mom
20. my mom & uncle exchanging gag gifts (sometimes it's a bunch of random food mixed & crammed in a bag)
21. family time - board games & movies!
22. waking up on Christmas morning & having to wait until mom & dad say it's time!

merry Christmas & God bless :) 


  1. We always watch 2 movies every December at least once and maybe twice but we always watch them as a family. The movies are White Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life. They leave you feeling great about life and family and love. This year we added a movie to watch and it is Miracle on 34th Street. As soon as the relatives arrive from Penn. the guys get out all the guitars, everyone plays one, and we all sing alot especially Christmas carols---sometimes we will sing for hours. It is great. Love you guys and can't wait for you to start your own traditions. From Aunt Shirley (on Uncle Art's account)

  2. Love your traditions. :) You will find that some will blend, some will stay the same and some may go away completely. BUT... you and Jordan will make new ones all your own. My sweetest memory is mine and Steve's first Christmas tree. It was ugly, we bought the ornaments at Kerr Drug, but they are still on the tree (except for the ugly red bows) and hold a special place in my heart.

    Since we didn't really have good ornaments to start out with, I began collecting ornaments for Wesley and Mikayla the year they were born. When they get married, they will start out with a nice set of precious memories for their trees. (Of course, I am going to have to let them go, but that is my own issue. lol)

    Enjoy your Christmas! :)

  3. A Christmas Story always has to be playing while we open presents Christmas morning (I like it playing in the background all day)- and the stocking gifts are my favorites. Brandon and I take turns opening presents - and then my parents open theirs afterwards.

    Derrick and I have began having a baking day (we did that today) - and we give the goodies to our grandparents. And last year I started the tradition of buying Christmas pajamas - and giving them to myself and Derrick Christmas Eve :)

    Normally I get sad on Christmas night, because it's all over. So I think that Derrick and I are planning to start the tradition to always exchange our gifts at the end of Christmas Day - to celebrate and reflect on the festivities and end the day on a happy note :)

  4. We always open presents from youngest to oldest in our family. We did that with our extended family too--all the cousins had to go around one at a time while opening presents. Also, mom buys Daniel and I a new ornament every year. :) Excited to hear about the traditions that the new Shelley family starts. Oh yeah--and you should have a shower coming up soon! Wooohooo! :)

  5. thanksss yall! awesome ideas! you better believe that i will be posting about Christmas traditions again next year & may be referring back to some of these :) i appreciate the input!



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