Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my Christmas list...sort of.

mom asked me to make a Christmas list. so i tried and i could think of 2 specific things and then...stuff for my future house. wow i am getting old. i never thought the day would come when i would ask for plates, shelves, and end tables. weird.

anyway, this is not going to be that kind of Christmas list. this will be a list of what i wish i could give people for Christmas. Jordan and i were talking about what all we wish we could give our parents and it got me to thinking about other people too. it'll probably be really random and outlandish but whatev.

my parents - a cruise. 10 days somewhere beautiful and away from work and basketball. i wish this oh so much. they'd love it. they never get to go anywhere. someday i will give this to them.

my bro Blake, my future bros Josh & Joseph, and Jordan - their own recording studio and all the equipment necessary. i wish that the public could be constantly blessed by their music like i am. they are all truly talented and God has given them awesome gifts when it comes to music. really i guess i could include most of mine and Jordan's families on this haha.

Jordan - his dream Taylor guitar. a Pontiac G8. a giant TV.

my mom - a horse.

my dad - more time in a day. a trip to Fenway.

my cats Pink and Floyd - a miniature house that would be lined with fleece blankets for them.

Josh, Danielle, & baby Shelley - a trip to Greensboro for Christmas.

my basketball team - matching Nike shoes, ankle braces, bags. matching Under Armor practice attire. the most legit looking stuff you can have. a giant video camera that follows us around all the time & captures the best moments for videos.

Ashlee & Corey - a plane or a teletransportation device. something to get them to me whenever we want.

Maggie - a pass for myself to be her guest vom partner at Canes games whenever i please.

Bobby B. - an NCSU bowl win.

Suzanne - a date with Cam Newton. unlimited fouls in games.

Katie L. - lots of balance bands so these crazy falls will cease from occurring. 

Katherine - a night out with a certain someone. she knows who. 

Blake - a room at the house without any of my random stuff in it. 

Anna - Toy Story character toys. live ones. who don't wait 'til we leave to come alive. 

Matt - a theater. 

My future in-laws - outside video home surveillance and thief catching device.

Wake Christian - a new high school building, new gym.

well that's all i've got in my mind for now. i may add to this later. i'm sure there's many many more things i could add for many more people :)


  1. SO wish we were on our way to spend Christmas in NC... what a great gift idea for us! = )

  2. This is soo sweet and just like something my daughter would do. She is amazing and loves to do for others! Just one of the reasons she is precious to me...giddy up!



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