Friday, December 31, 2010

top events of 2010.

this has been a year full of change. God has used it to make me grow so much and i am so thankful, even through the hard circumstances. but right now i'm going to focus on the great things from this year and list them out in no particular order of importance. although there is one that definitely gets the #1 spot haha. praise the Lord!

1. August 21 - Jordan's proposal at Fenway Park! - most shocking and wonderful moment of my life :) i cannot wait to marry the most amazing man in this world.

2. Ashlee & Corey's wedding -seeing my bestest friend so happy and where God wants her to be was the biggest blessing. i love them to death. and the wedding was a blasttt!

3. Morgan & Bobby's wedding - two of my best friends from life getting married to each other after years and years of dating. it was beautiful! and so much fun with all our friends. 

4. April - the beginning of me & Jordan. :) God was working in awesome ways bringing us together. i could feel Him drawing me closer to Him and to Jordan. God's plans never cease to amaze me.

5. Boston - my trip with the Stephensons was so special and fun! i FINALLY got to visit Fenway and it was glorious. i cannot explain how awesome that place is. and to witness a walk-off home run win was amazing. 

6. my last Canes game - at the time i didn't know it was my last Canes game, but it couldn't have ended better. my parents were there, Jordan was there, and there was a hat trick on hat night. so much fun with my Hurricanes family & i miss it greatly.

7. beach trip with the fam - this trip never disappoints. i love my cousins oh so much & being with them is always a good time. we are all so different but get along so well. and i love having my birthday at the beach!

8. Blake's graduation - so proud of my brother! i still can't believe he's this old, but i'm glad he had a fulfilling & successful time at WCA and can move on to UNC-W. he's my best bud!

9. Thanksgiving with our families - we were able to do all of our Thanksgiving family activities together & it was awesome. i loved being with my family and had so much fun experiencing a Shelley family holiday for the first time!

10. Whitney & Aaron's wedding - i love this couple and loved celebrating their marriage with them and my other girls! it was soo gorgeous and i had a blast being crazy with my friends as usual. Whitney & Aaron continue to inspire me!

11. Mandy & Ian's wedding reception weekend - it had been a long time since the Hamilton side of the family had a wedding, and it definitely didn't disappoint. we love Ian so much and i'm so glad he's in our family now. i just wish i got to see them more often!

12. Dillon & Sara's wedding & first trip to Greensboro - although i didn't get to talk to Dillon & Sara at all on their wedding day haha, it was beautiful and i loved being there with Jordan. the people of Shannon Hills are so welcoming and friendly. and of course i loved spending time with Jordan's family right from the start!

13. last basketball sleepover - this was a bittersweet night back in February because our season was over, but such a memorable time at B.Hall's house rearranging furniture, dancing with Lady GaGa & Beyonce, & going outside in the snow. that team was sooo special to me!

14. first basketball sleepover - our first sleepover this season at Faither's place was a blasttt. i loved getting to know everyone better and jamming out to Space Jam all night. they are such G's and i cannot wait for the next one.

15. trip to Maryland - driving to Maryland with my best friend, listening to the best radio station ever, hotel adventures, dancing in front of a certain person's room, tailgating, being front row, trying to stay warm, being the best Wolfpack fans ever. definitely a memorable trip. 

16. Christmas! - my first Christmas with Jordan & my last one staying at my house. had wonderful times of fellowship with my family & his family, even though all of his family got sick! also it was an amazing WHITE Christmas in Greensboro!

17. Whitney & Chris' wedding & Charlotte - another interesting trip with Maggie, we knew Whitney & Chris would host a great party & we were right :) many a story came from this event that we will never forget...

18. Ashlee's bachelorette weekend - this was such a funnn weekend! being SO hyper when we got to Wilmington, her shower, sleepovers, shopping, being out of control like always, church and a beautiful bridesmaid luncheon. couldn't have asked for a better weekend for her.

19. Chris & Elizabeth's wedding & Rutherfordton - a great trip with my fiance to his friend Chris' wedding was an awesome getaway. we stayed in an amazing cabin & got to hang out with his friends & celebrate with them. i love this couple!

20. winter beach trip with the girls - when i think about this weekend back in January, all i do is laugh. i wish i could relive it. all of us staying at Maggie & Katie's beach house, being crazy and running on the beach in the moonlight. we need to have a reunion.

21. trip to the state tourney - even though we didn't make it to the state basketball tournament last year, i took some of the girls to Winston Salem to watch the boys, and we had quite the interesting time. let me just say that long car trips with Faith Simpson are hilarious. and hazardous. 

22. Blake's last baseball season - Blake had such an amazing senior baseball season, pitching and playing third base, providing some clutch hitting and bunting. i was so proud of him and hated to see his long career end, but i am so thankful for all the years i got to watch him play! also, i LOVED that baseball team! such a great group of guys.

23. Easter with the Stephens' - something i look forward to every year is going to North Augusta for Easter break. riding the Gator, watching movies, playing old school computer games, Clue, and many other traditions are a blast. and i absolutely love my cousins. i can't wait 'til i can see them again!

24. engagement party - spending time with our bridal party & families was so much fun and it was great to get everyone together. it definitely made the engagement feel a whole lot more real! we are so blessed to have such great people in our lives who love & support us.

i'm sure there are many other things i could add - overall it's been such a blessed year and i am so thankful that God allowed me to experience it! many changes and new additions to my life, and i am eager to see what He has in store for me. great is His faithfulness and He never fails me! 

goodbye, 2010!


  1. Wow, Ashley... didn't realize you had just met Jordan in 2010. God definitely led him to you! :) Blessings on you in the coming year. :)

  2. well, actually our families had known each other way before we were born, and i first met him when i started college, but we were never more than friends until this year :) yes, God's timing was perfect! thank you so much!



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