Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jordan's birthday & Easter week.

I apologize for my lack of blogging this week. First of all, Jordan's birthday was Monday and we are still celebrating so I have been focusing on that. I have LOVED it. It is so fun to do special stuff for my husband for his birthday. Much different than doing stuff for a boyfriend, because you can really go all out, I mean you're married. Last year, Jordan's birthday was right when we started dating, so I remember being quite perplexed about what to get him. I did what I usually did for gifts in the past 3 years of my life and went to the Canes store - The Eye. I recall standing there holding up a shirt and a hoodie trying to decide. I called Maggie to see what she thought and she agreed with me that a hoodie would be far too forward that early in the relationship. So I went with the t-shirt. Hahah. This year I could do whatever I want because he is my husband! So it was great.

Jordan wearing his t-shirt I gave him at my last Canes game!

Secondly, we will be traveling to North Augusta tomorrow just like every other Easter, and I am so so excited! This is one of my most favorite times of the year. I love getting to spend time with my family during the trip, we get to see my cousins, go fishing, ride around the nursery, go sprinkler riding at night, eat at two of my favorite restaurants in the world, drive around and look at gypsy houses, enjoy Easter baskets, and have fellowship on Sunday with the wonderful people of North Augusta Bible Chapel while remembering the reason for Easter - our Savior Jesus Christ rising from the grave and being our LIVING God! And on top of all this, Jordan will be there! It will be amazing. I will most likely not be blogging while we are there, haha. But I will be back at it on Monday fo sho.

In the meantime, do take time to watch this amazing wedding highlight video from our videographer Josh Sliffe. He, his wife, and his teammate were fabulous at our wedding, and I cannot wait to see the rest of the footage! I have watched the video so many times already haha. It is excellent. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

after the wind, earthquake, and fire - a still, small voice.

Today, a huge hit of storms and tornadoes have shaken Raleigh, amongst other cities. Besides being in hurricanes, I have never seen winds, rain, and hail like there was today. There are buildings destroyed, power out everywhere, and debris is wherever you look. Thankfully, I haven't heard of lives lost here. Praise the Lord.

I was at a bridal shower during everything today. Like the curious, excitement-loving person I am, I was sitting by a big set of glass doors during the storm, watching the hail bounce on the deck and the trees whip around in the wind. I figured if I heard a train sound I could get in the hallway. Maybe not the best strategy, but anyway, as I was sitting there, I thought of the passage in the Bible, in 1 Kings 19, when Elijah is waiting on the Lord, wanting to die in despair. 

"And he said, Go forth, and stand upon the mount before the Lord. And, behold, the Lord passed by, and a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and brake in pieces the rocks before the Lord; but the Lord was not in the wind: and after the wind an earthquake; but the Lord was not in the earthquake:

And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice."

God finally spoke to Elijah in a still, small voice. In a way that Elijah would have to completely focus on the Lord and listen to what he needed to do. If he hadn't been paying attention, if he had focused on the storms and the fire, he would have missed it. 

Sometimes God's direction and guidance is clear. Sometimes all you have to do is look into His Word, (you know, those INSTRUCTIONS He left us), and you will have your answer. But sometimes, we need to listen. To spend time with God, and just listen. Focusing on Him, worshiping Him by spending time with Him. If we have accepted the gift of Christ's salvation and given our lives to Him, then we have the Holy Spirit. All the time. If we listen, just like Elijah, we can hear that still, small voice.

Let's take time today, after the wind, after the storm, when it's finally calm, to listen to our God. He wants to spend time with us.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

tv tonight.

So this is about to be my quickest post ever, but I am just so pumped about tv shows tonight. It's been a while since the good ones have been on, and I am especially excited for THE OFFICE! And guess who will be on The Office tonight....Will Ferrell! Ahhh :) Hilarity is sure to ensue. 

I will leave you with this quote, from one of my favorite Office scenes of all time:

Michael to Toby:
"Why are you the way that you are? Honestly, every time I try to do something fun or exciting, you make it not... that way. I hate... so much about the things that you choose to be.."

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

random thoughts. stolen from carrie :)

I stole this from Carrie Sippy's blog. We've been friends since birth. She's awesome.

I am:  Jordan Shelley's wife. :)
I think: that most people miss what is truly important.
I know: that tonight is going to be a GREAT night! Dinner with Kyle & Katelyn, church, & Maggie time!
I have: an empty bag of Starburst jellybeans beside me. This is very sad.
I wish: that we could have another honeymoon. Right now.
I hate: most songs on the radio. Jordan would argue that I hate more songs than I love in general. This may be true.
I miss: my bridesmaids. It was such a tease getting to see them so much during wedding time. 
I fear: being kidnapped in the middle of the night and not having my glasses. I would be so helpless.
I hear: a lawnmower.
I smell: poptart remnants. They were smores.
I crave: the third Harry Potter movie. So badly.
I search: for a can opener. Can't find one anywhere, and can't remember if we even got one.
I wonder: when Jesus will come back. Perhaps today...
I regret: not getting the shower books from my parents' house. These thank you notes need to get done!
I love: having the sweetest husband ever!
I ache: for those who do not know my Savior.
I am not: losing faith in my Red Sox. They have plenty of games left.
I believe: that the Bible is God's Holy Word and the most important thing you will ever read!
I dance: when I am hyper. Which is often.
I sing: with my husband while he plays his guitar.
I cry: more often than I used to. But a lot of it is happy tears. :)
I fight: the urge to take a nap. I need to get stuff done.
I lose: my keys constantly, since we haven't put up the key hooks yet.
I win: basketball games. Four championships in five years and I'm pretty sure I can claim that.
I never: want to be a negative person! Ever!
I always: laugh.
I confuse: numbers. I just don't really do numbers. How convenient that I married an engineer.
I listen: to Coldplay and feel warm inside.
I am scared: of losing people, and friendships fading away.
I need: the grace and mercy of my Lord and Savior.
I am happy about: going to North Augusta next weekend for Easter!
I can usually be found: all over the place. I'm such a restless person.

Oh yeah and here's a sweet wedding picture. It was taken at the end of our choreographed dance. There will be a video coming soon!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

like to read this? follow!

First of all, thank you to everyone who takes time to read this. It is encouraging to read feedback and to hear how something God lays on my heart can uplift others. That is the goal.

Although my topics can be all over the place, I will be focusing on Christian living, newlywed life, and encouragement for women. There will definitely be some sports thrown in there, and random updates on life in the Shelley household, but hopefully through all of my posts you will be pointed to God and our Savior Jesus Christ.

I encourage you, if you enjoy reading this blog, or if you think you may enjoy it, to go to the sidebar to the right of the screen, and click "Follow". You don't have to have a blog to do this. Blogger is associated with Google, so it makes it easy for anyone to become connected. It's not hard, and it doesn't take much time. 

Also, if you would like to leave a comment, you can do that without having an account as well. So please do!

Thank you! Much love and God bless. :)

our honeymoon - Universal Studios.

So the rest of our honeymoon was an absolute blast. Monday we traveled to Orlando, checked out our awesome place we stayed in, and went to good ol' Walmart for some groceries. You know how Walmart is at the beach in the summer? Like a million people all wanting to buy the same things? It was like that times 87. Soooo many people, it took forever. Our most important purchase was a FAN because we both are so accustomed to sleeping with one that it was absolutely necessary. Another reason why we were meant for each other.

Our sweet room with awesome tub!
Tuesday we went to Universal Studios. I had never been...and it was AWESOME! So many things I could talk about, but I will limit myself to one story.

So there is this one roller coaster, The Mummy, and it is located indoors. 

The Mummy
Jordan was excited for me to ride this because he knew I would like it, and it was our first roller coaster of the trip. We said hello to the guards at the entrance and proceeded inside, past some people who were exiting the ride. It led into a hallway with many of those red velvet dividers leading the way. There were no people waiting, but this had been normal so far because it was still early in the day and there weren't long lines the week that we went. We went through more hallways, following the dividers, and still saw NO people. The hallways were looking less like the inside of a ride and more like a weird office building. Instead of being dimly lit and mysterious, they had florescent lighting and brick walls. It took a couple more minutes for us to realize we were not on the right track, but absolutely lost.

At first we didn't know whether to turn back, or just take a chance with a door or another hallway. We found a door and cracked it open, finding a person with a large turban and flowing outfit who definitely looked like he was from the movie. "Where did you come from?" he asked, startled at our appearance. We explained that we were somehow lost, and trying to find our way to the ride. Realizing that he needed to be in character like all the other workers, his voice suddenly shifted to an Arabian accent as he pointed us toward an elevator. We thanked the sometimes Arab-ish worker and got on the elevator.

When we exited on the second floor, we stepped out and were exactly where the ride was boarded. There was a man in a wheelchair in front of us, and to our left was a long line of people, the line we should have been in, waiting for the ride. We stood there awkwardly waiting for the man in front of us to get on. One of the workers gave us a confused look and said, "Are you with Child Swap?" Apparently Child Swap was something where you could leave your kids in some room somewhere and ride rides. I don't know. We were not with Child Swap as we did not have children. We told the guy that we didn't really know how in the world we ended up there, that another worker had sent us up the elevator. He hesitated for a second, but then just said, "Okay, go ahead." We skipped the entire line and got on the ride, seated in the first row. The ride was really fun. I love the feeling of drops, and when it's pitch black and you don't know it's coming, it makes it pretty exhilarating. We had a great time and left to go ride other stuff, still wondering how we were able to get by all the other people.

Later, after riding some more rides and watching some shows, we returned to The Mummy for our second go. We went past the guards again, toward the entrance, questioning if we would be able to make it through without getting lost this time. But when we walked up, the doors were closed. Hmm...we looked for why this was different. Oh. A handicapped sign. On the door. To the entrance. Well.

If you refer back to the above picture of the outside of The Mummy, there is a small entrance to the left (the handicapped entrance), and a large entrance to the right with giant, gold columns. We should have headed for those glimmering columns. We realized that the reason we took the small entrance was because of the people exiting from there the previous time. We also realized that those people exiting had been helping a guy in a wheelchair. Therefore, we had mistakenly taken advantage of a handicap entrance skipping all other Mummy riders by sneaking around and using the elevator. Just as in the GPS incident, our observational skills were down that day. But we now knew the secret of The Mummy. And then had to wait in line for our second ride like everyone else.

So, our trip Universal ended up turning us into rebels that day. But it was a blast. Another roller coaster there was a new one that had a huge drop. You could pick a song for your individual seat speakers during the ride. My choices for the three times we rode this were: "Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer, "Intergalactic Planetary" by the Beastie Boys (I was ecstatic that they had this choice, my former teammates will know why), and "Stronger" by Kanye West. Excellent.

The something something Rock-It roller coaster. That's me looking rather small standing in front.
Another highlight of the day was when we were walking and heard loud 90's rap music from a random street, and then saw baby chick and bunny mascots dancing through it. Interesting. We joined them. Picture Jordan and I shaking our bootys with bunnies to "Let Your Tootsie Roll." Wish we would have filmed it. I learned that we were breaking it down with the stars of the new movie "Hop". It made me want to see that movie.

Chick from the movie "Hop"
That was our Monday and Tuesday of the honeymoon. Wow, I am explaining this honeymoon quite slowly. Oh well, it's a once in a lifetime thing. I'll share more later.

Monday, April 11, 2011

newlywed life - what i love about marriage.

Today I'm just going to list a few things that I'm loving about marriage. It's only been a few weeks, but we are definitely learning and growing more every day. I am constantly thanking God for the blessing of marriage and how awesome it is. Today is the one year anniversary of our very first date. Wow. God has done some amazing things in our lives since then! Never underestimate His plans for you and how much He wants the best for you. I can look at Jordan and be reminded of that daily. Praise the Lord!

After church on a wonderful Sunday!
1. Starting and ending the days together. I absolutely love these times together - getting to talk about the day that we're going to have, and the day that we just had. Confiding in one another, sharing emotions and struggles, talking and dreaming about the plans God has for us. It is so special.

2. Praying together. This goes along with number one, because we begin and end our days with prayer. It is so awesome to draw close to God and to each other at the same time. We can bear each other's burdens, being encouraging and supportive while we give all of our cares and worries to God.

3. Being alone. This may sound weird, but before we were married, we weren't really alone together that much, unless we were in the car or something. We now have a place to just hang out together, enjoying each other's company, and it's just a feeling of FINALLY!

4. Cleaning up, doing dishes, grocery shopping, etc. Regular tasks, but Jordan makes everything SO much more fun. He is the most hilarious person I've ever met and constantly has me laughing no matter what we're doing. His commentary gets me laughing so hard that I can't even do the task we are trying to accomplish. We are quite ridiculous together, especially when I am in one of my hyper moods. 

5. Church. I can't explain how much I love going to church with Jordan! It's like being united as one in Christ brings worshiping and studying Him to a whole new level. Partaking in the Lord's supper and remembering how He died for us is something that we can share. Sundays are awesome too, when we can actually relax. Yesterday was one of my favorite days since we've been married!

6. Figuring out pet peeves. He doesn't like it when I don't leave the lid closed on the toilet. Which is rather odd, because aren't men known for leaving the seat up? Well, I am the toilet culprit in this relationship. I would think it'd be better for him to have the lid up, but no, he wants it closed. Always. I don't like it when the bathroom rug is wet. "But that's what it's for!" he says. Maybe in some people's worlds, but I think that its purpose is to feel dry and fluffy to my newly clean feet. Also, if it gets wet, it stays wet for sooo long. That's why we use towels. :) These things are fun to figure out. 

7. Getting ready. We only have one bedroom and one bathroom, so we definitely get ready in the same space. I need to add on a bit of time to the amount I need to get ready, because we always end up getting distracted or playing around instead of doing whatever we need to be doing. I mean, it's hard to put on make up when I am shaking from laughing at his crazy antics.

8. Music. Jordan just got a new guitar, and I am so happy that he did. Now he can play and sing even MORE than he did before. :) I used to not be comfortable enough to sing with him, but now I can sing with him all the time. God has given him such a great talent, and I am so thankful that I get to be blessed by it!

9. Meals together. As I have explained in previous posts, I am loving learning to cook for us, and it is so fun to sit down and share meals together. I feel so relaxed and enjoy it so much, even when we're just eating and not saying anything. I also love sitting with him in the morning as he eats his breakfast. These are some of my favorite times of the day.

10. Growing closer. It's amazing how close we've become in just a year! I never knew it was possible. But, oh yeah, with God all things are possible. :) It's gotten to the point when I know exactly what joke he's going to make before he says it. And then he knows that I'm going to say, "I KNEW you were going to say that!".....and then I laugh even harder. Recently, we've both been noticing that we say the exact same things a lot. Sometimes in unison. When we're with a group of people, we can make eye contact and know exactly what each other is thinking about whatever is going on at that moment. And then later we discuss it. Ahhh it's so much fun. 

These are just 10 things out of the endless amount of blessings that have already come from marriage. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness and appreciation for what God is doing in our lives. I never want to take these things for granted, even when we've been married for 30 years. I want to make lists like this forever!

Friday, April 8, 2011

newlywed life - cooking. hamburger helper & chicken.

Since I last posted about cooking, I have cooked three more meals. I had already said that next I would be using Hamburger Helper, and I did. It was the cheeseburger macaroni kind.

I very much disliked it.

Didn't even take a picture because I was disappointed. Jordan didn't think it was bad, and he had it for lunch the next day, but I was just not pleased. Too cheesy...or something. I just like macaroni by itself, unless it's from Noodle Company, and the beef just didn't taste right with it. So that was Tuesday.

Wednesday, I wanted to try the other kind of Hamburger Helper that I had, because I wasn't writing off the brand or anything. I thought I would probably like it better with chicken anyway. And I was right. :) We had the chicken alfredo and it was delicious. A side of rice went along nicely with it. Much better than the night before. I will definitely be using that again. It doesn't look that great in the pic, but it really was good.

Chicken Alfredo with rice...yum!

Last night was my favorite dinner we've had so far. Using one of my favorite meals from the Hamilton household, I baked a chicken with barbecue sauce, baked potatoes, and made some corn. Corn is a vegetable that Jordan truly enjoys, so that will be a regular in our home. (He detests most vegetables.) It was oh so good. We both devoured it and were quite satisfied.

barbecue chicken, baked potato, corn
We used our fancy Hogwarts glasses!
So, thank you to my mother for the inspiration. This will definitely be cooked again and again. I love it when Jordan loves it! Makes me very happy. Last night we were talking about how we haven't eaten out, or eaten fast food, since we got back from the honeymoon. That's pretty sweet. We need to keep this up! I think I am improving day by day. Hopefully.

Thank you for the wonderful comments on the last cooking post! They were very encouraging and contained some excellent advice and ideas. Keep 'em coming! I appreciate it all. You da best.

Apartment pictures are coming soon! :) And posts about what I really love...DECORATING! So be on the look out for that. Love y'all!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

our honeymoon - Savannah travels.

Our honeymoon was literally the best week ever. I knew it was going to be awesome, but I underestimated how awesome it would actually be. There are many things to tell, but I'm just going to give a few highlights. Probably in multiples blog segments so it's not entirely too long.

The day after our wedding, we packed up the borrowed BMW z3 convertible (pure sweetness) and headed south to Savannah, Georgia. We had the aid of a handy dandy Garmin GPS, which was newer then my own dear "Garmilton". We looked at the GPS arrival time - it was about 5:15 or so. So we had a little drive ahead of us. We were pumped. We were married.

On our way!
So we're driving, we're singing, we're talking about everything that happened at the wedding, and then we check back to the GPS e.t.a. and it's down to about 4:30! Wowww we were making great time! This made us even more excited for our travels. We continue along our merry way, finding radio stations and talking about Harry Potter, and then all the sudden the GPS says 3:45! We are making the best time EVER! Now we're talking about everything we want to do when we get there, and how awesome everything is going to be, and before we know it, the GPS says 2:30.....2:30?! At this time it was about 1:30pm. We had 168 miles or so to go. What in the world?

Jordan says, "It's saying that we are getting there in an hour. We are 168 miles away. This is impossible."

I'm laughing pretty hard at the confusion the GPS has caused, and then reply, "How fast would we have to be going to get there by then?"


Sometimes I don't think before I ask questions. Jordan took a long pause while looking at me, then finally answered, "168 miles per hour."

I hate math, yes, but I'm really not THAT bad with numbers, I promise. I laughed about this (my silent, shaking laugh) for approximately 3.2 minutes. Once I calmed down, we inspected the GPS to see what on earth it was thinking. We turned it off and back on. It still said we were going to be there in an hour. 

Finally, Jordan takes it off the stand, looks very closely at it, and sees one little tiny word we hadn't noticed. Instead of saying just the arrival time, like any other GPS I had ever worked with, it said ever so small, "Arrival IN". So it was not telling us we would arrive AT 2:30, it was saying would arrive IN 2 hours and 30 minutes. I then laughed about this for a good 10 minutes straight, and by that time we saw that clearly it had been counting down every single minute of our trip. How....HOW had we not noticed this? For HOURS?! I don't know. I guess we were blinded by our marital bliss. But it was not one of our smarter times, that's for sure. 

Slightly bummed that we were not making the excellent time that we thought we were, we adjusted our hopes and dreams from 2:30pm back to the reality of 5pm. And kept on trucking. Or z3ing, rather. 

We did make it to our destination of Savannah! It was lovely. We were tired. We hadn't been tired at all after the wedding surprisingly, probably because we were so hyped up from everything. But now it was hitting us. So we walked around and ate but soon headed back to the hotel, where we relaxed and watched basketball for the rest of the night. Jordan should be glad that I also love basketball. I doubt that it's many a girl's dream to watch a lot of basketball games on their honeymoon, but I was the one finding out the times of every game. We were made for each other.

in downtown Savannah at the city market!
Well, that's all for now, and I've only talked about the first day. The other stories shouldn't be as long, but y'all know how I am with my story telling...I like to draw things out a little bit. :) God blessed us so much with an amazing honeymoon and so many people are asking about it that I must share. So I'll be back with more. 


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