Tuesday, April 12, 2011

our honeymoon - Universal Studios.

So the rest of our honeymoon was an absolute blast. Monday we traveled to Orlando, checked out our awesome place we stayed in, and went to good ol' Walmart for some groceries. You know how Walmart is at the beach in the summer? Like a million people all wanting to buy the same things? It was like that times 87. Soooo many people, it took forever. Our most important purchase was a FAN because we both are so accustomed to sleeping with one that it was absolutely necessary. Another reason why we were meant for each other.

Our sweet room with awesome tub!
Tuesday we went to Universal Studios. I had never been...and it was AWESOME! So many things I could talk about, but I will limit myself to one story.

So there is this one roller coaster, The Mummy, and it is located indoors. 

The Mummy
Jordan was excited for me to ride this because he knew I would like it, and it was our first roller coaster of the trip. We said hello to the guards at the entrance and proceeded inside, past some people who were exiting the ride. It led into a hallway with many of those red velvet dividers leading the way. There were no people waiting, but this had been normal so far because it was still early in the day and there weren't long lines the week that we went. We went through more hallways, following the dividers, and still saw NO people. The hallways were looking less like the inside of a ride and more like a weird office building. Instead of being dimly lit and mysterious, they had florescent lighting and brick walls. It took a couple more minutes for us to realize we were not on the right track, but absolutely lost.

At first we didn't know whether to turn back, or just take a chance with a door or another hallway. We found a door and cracked it open, finding a person with a large turban and flowing outfit who definitely looked like he was from the movie. "Where did you come from?" he asked, startled at our appearance. We explained that we were somehow lost, and trying to find our way to the ride. Realizing that he needed to be in character like all the other workers, his voice suddenly shifted to an Arabian accent as he pointed us toward an elevator. We thanked the sometimes Arab-ish worker and got on the elevator.

When we exited on the second floor, we stepped out and were exactly where the ride was boarded. There was a man in a wheelchair in front of us, and to our left was a long line of people, the line we should have been in, waiting for the ride. We stood there awkwardly waiting for the man in front of us to get on. One of the workers gave us a confused look and said, "Are you with Child Swap?" Apparently Child Swap was something where you could leave your kids in some room somewhere and ride rides. I don't know. We were not with Child Swap as we did not have children. We told the guy that we didn't really know how in the world we ended up there, that another worker had sent us up the elevator. He hesitated for a second, but then just said, "Okay, go ahead." We skipped the entire line and got on the ride, seated in the first row. The ride was really fun. I love the feeling of drops, and when it's pitch black and you don't know it's coming, it makes it pretty exhilarating. We had a great time and left to go ride other stuff, still wondering how we were able to get by all the other people.

Later, after riding some more rides and watching some shows, we returned to The Mummy for our second go. We went past the guards again, toward the entrance, questioning if we would be able to make it through without getting lost this time. But when we walked up, the doors were closed. Hmm...we looked for why this was different. Oh. A handicapped sign. On the door. To the entrance. Well.

If you refer back to the above picture of the outside of The Mummy, there is a small entrance to the left (the handicapped entrance), and a large entrance to the right with giant, gold columns. We should have headed for those glimmering columns. We realized that the reason we took the small entrance was because of the people exiting from there the previous time. We also realized that those people exiting had been helping a guy in a wheelchair. Therefore, we had mistakenly taken advantage of a handicap entrance skipping all other Mummy riders by sneaking around and using the elevator. Just as in the GPS incident, our observational skills were down that day. But we now knew the secret of The Mummy. And then had to wait in line for our second ride like everyone else.

So, our trip Universal ended up turning us into rebels that day. But it was a blast. Another roller coaster there was a new one that had a huge drop. You could pick a song for your individual seat speakers during the ride. My choices for the three times we rode this were: "Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer, "Intergalactic Planetary" by the Beastie Boys (I was ecstatic that they had this choice, my former teammates will know why), and "Stronger" by Kanye West. Excellent.

The something something Rock-It roller coaster. That's me looking rather small standing in front.
Another highlight of the day was when we were walking and heard loud 90's rap music from a random street, and then saw baby chick and bunny mascots dancing through it. Interesting. We joined them. Picture Jordan and I shaking our bootys with bunnies to "Let Your Tootsie Roll." Wish we would have filmed it. I learned that we were breaking it down with the stars of the new movie "Hop". It made me want to see that movie.

Chick from the movie "Hop"
That was our Monday and Tuesday of the honeymoon. Wow, I am explaining this honeymoon quite slowly. Oh well, it's a once in a lifetime thing. I'll share more later.


  1. I am so happy for you guys. Gosh it seems so long ago when I got married but I so remember so many of the things you are blogging about , you just feel so excited about everything and are on top of the world. You make such a sweet couple , I look at these pictures of you two and I can see that you will have a wonderful life together. So full on life and love and best of all , you have a marriage ordained by our savior and oh what a blessing that is...

  2. I am laughing at your rebel moment on The Mummy. I can so relate as there have been times I have done that type of thing. BUT... you were ecstatic to be together and on your honeymoon so you had every right to not focus on handicap signs on a door. :) Glad you had fun there. We have never been there, either, but would like to go when the kids are a bit older. :)



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