Wednesday, April 13, 2011

random thoughts. stolen from carrie :)

I stole this from Carrie Sippy's blog. We've been friends since birth. She's awesome.

I am:  Jordan Shelley's wife. :)
I think: that most people miss what is truly important.
I know: that tonight is going to be a GREAT night! Dinner with Kyle & Katelyn, church, & Maggie time!
I have: an empty bag of Starburst jellybeans beside me. This is very sad.
I wish: that we could have another honeymoon. Right now.
I hate: most songs on the radio. Jordan would argue that I hate more songs than I love in general. This may be true.
I miss: my bridesmaids. It was such a tease getting to see them so much during wedding time. 
I fear: being kidnapped in the middle of the night and not having my glasses. I would be so helpless.
I hear: a lawnmower.
I smell: poptart remnants. They were smores.
I crave: the third Harry Potter movie. So badly.
I search: for a can opener. Can't find one anywhere, and can't remember if we even got one.
I wonder: when Jesus will come back. Perhaps today...
I regret: not getting the shower books from my parents' house. These thank you notes need to get done!
I love: having the sweetest husband ever!
I ache: for those who do not know my Savior.
I am not: losing faith in my Red Sox. They have plenty of games left.
I believe: that the Bible is God's Holy Word and the most important thing you will ever read!
I dance: when I am hyper. Which is often.
I sing: with my husband while he plays his guitar.
I cry: more often than I used to. But a lot of it is happy tears. :)
I fight: the urge to take a nap. I need to get stuff done.
I lose: my keys constantly, since we haven't put up the key hooks yet.
I win: basketball games. Four championships in five years and I'm pretty sure I can claim that.
I never: want to be a negative person! Ever!
I always: laugh.
I confuse: numbers. I just don't really do numbers. How convenient that I married an engineer.
I listen: to Coldplay and feel warm inside.
I am scared: of losing people, and friendships fading away.
I need: the grace and mercy of my Lord and Savior.
I am happy about: going to North Augusta next weekend for Easter!
I can usually be found: all over the place. I'm such a restless person.

Oh yeah and here's a sweet wedding picture. It was taken at the end of our choreographed dance. There will be a video coming soon!


  1. These are always fun to read. :) Love the last picture!

  2. I love it! :) And I really enjoy reading your blog! Love the wedding dance picture, and I'm excited to see the video! Love you!



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