Tuesday, May 17, 2011

dear nephew.

Dear Nephew,

You aren't in the outside world yet, but many people wish that you would hurry up. I was going to write you a letter on your birthday, but I'm getting impatient. I can't imagine how impatient your mommy, daddy, and Aunt Anna are getting. They are with you every day but can't actually see you yet, so I know they'd like to see you.

I'm going to warn you that whenever you get over here to your extended family, it's probably going to be a little overwhelming for you. People will most likely be holding you, cuddling you, and in your face talking to you 24/7. Including me. But we will try not to bother you and your parents too much. I mean I guess you'll need to spend time with them too.

We're going to the beach together! Yesterday I bought a new bathing suit and pictured myself holding you in it, because that's exactly what's going to happen. It's crazy to think about. That you are actually a human who is going to exist in our family. I don't even know your name yet, but I do know that whatever it is will suit you perfectly. But anyway, back to the beach - I have to warn you about sand. It gets everywhere. And don't eat it, it's not good.

Random thought, but when you get older, and have peers with whom you enjoy spending time, you are always going to be able to sound cool by playing the China card. If any of your friends say anything about traveling, then you will obviously be able to trump them by saying, "Well, I was born in China." And they'll be like wow, he's so cool. I mean you'll already be cool, of course, but this will just add to it.

I'm going to tell you a little bit about your Shelley side of the family. Guess what - I'm new to them too! We both will have entered the Shelley family in the same year. :) Don't worry, they are very loving and welcoming. You'll think they're fantastic. I highly recommend them.

First of all, you are a very blessed boy to have such awesome parents. They put Jesus first and that is the most important thing. They are also really fun. And nice. And I've only been around them in person for one week, which wasn't even really a week because everything was so crazy with wedding stuff, but it doesn't take long to realize how awesome they are. They're genuine, caring people who are gonna love you with all they've got.

Your Aunt Anna is by far the most fly 15 almost 16 year old girl I know. She is going to get to spend some quality time with you in the beginning of your life, and you are luckyyy! She is smart, has some skilled piano hands, and is quite mature for her age. You are going to love spending time with her, especially when you're in a big group of people and you can just sit to the side and laugh about little things. And in the Shelley family it is often that you'll be in a big group of people. 

Your Uncle Joseph....hmm maybe I'll go with Uncle Joe because that just sounds good. Your Uncle Joe is such a great guy. Besides being sweet, funny, and lovable, he has a voice that will blow you away. And believe me, you will hear it, because he is always singing. People are drawn to him because he's such an amiable fellow, and I know you will love him. He's just one of those people who's easy to be around. 

What can I even say about your Uncle Jordan...well, I'll start off by saying that he can teach you any sport you want, because he is quite the athlete. He's also hilarious, but in a reserved, witty comment type of way. He's very romantic. Actually, while I'm on this subject, I'll just go ahead and tell you that you are entering a family of men who know how to treat their women. So LEARN from them. They have pursued their wives the way God intended them to, which is the best way. Your dad will teach you this way.

Your Granny and Papa (I believe that's what they will be going by) are going to adore you. You are special because you are their first grandchild! They are SO fun to be around. They are so kind, helpful, and supportive. You will NEVER be without support and encouragement in this Shelley family. Ever. They are true followers of Christ, and have raised a family to do the same. If you turn out half as great as their kids did, then you'll still be above average. They are just that good.

Your second cousins...well...there are a lot of them so I'm not going to go through them by name. But they are an incredible group. You'll even have multiple second cousins your age! Y'all can be BFF. It can get pretty crazy when everyone is together, but crazy in an awesome, fun way. So get ready, you're going to have a blast. By the way - you're bound to be really ridiculously good looking because all of the Shelleys are. And your mom is too. So there's no way you can't be.

And me, well....I don't know. I don't know how I'd describe myself to you, but I like to laugh a lot. So don't think I'm laughing at you, I'm just very easily amused. I hope that you'll like me. I saw that you got a Yankees outfit, which I'm not fond of, and I'll probably let you know that. But don't take it personally. You'll probably intimidate me actually. Babies usually do. But you'll be my favorite baby because you make me an aunt for the first time. I'm pumped for your existence.

I'll write to you more. Hopefully you will really like me by the time you can read this for yourself. Until then, I'll give Aunt Anna the privilege of reading this to you.


I love you.
Aunt Ashley


  1. Love it Love it Love it! So glad you are part of the Shelley family now! I agree with all points and this little one will be lucky to have an aunt like you!

  2. Well, Baby Boy Shelley, let me tell you a little about your Aunt Ashley: she's intelligent, fun (has a laugh that brightens up the world), encouraging, athletic, godly, loving, sweet, easy to talk to, competitive, and thoughtful. She is great at board games and obviously writes incredibly well, and is one of the two most wonderful daughters-in-law in the whole world! She fiercely loves her first family, the Boston Red Sox, and now her second family. She REALLY, REALLY, REALLY loves Jordan and the Lord Jesus. You're so blessed to have her as an aunt and I'm so blessed that she married one of my sons! (Love you Ashley! Such a sweet post. Thank you.)

  3. Wow, thank you for the kind words, Heather & my dear Mother-in-Law! Way too sweet. I am literally blushing. Love yall so much & our new Shelley family member HARVEY! :)



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