Tuesday, May 24, 2011

interesting searches.

Blogger is kinda creepy. It tells you lots of things about people. I get to know what countries have viewed my blog, what kind of browsers people use, what websites they use to get to my blog, etc. But my favorite thing to see is what people search for to come to my blog. When I say this, I mean what they type into Google that leads them to my blog on the internet. Some of them are definitely interesting and occasionally pretty funny. So I thought I'd share a few with you to give you a laugh. If it was you who used one of these searches, don't be embarrassed, I love it. 

"ashleyhamshelley bloodspot" - This sounds terrible.

"josh hamilton pictures of family" - It's weird to me that people search this.

"shannon hills bible chapel crazy" - Umm..what? Crazy?

"i want to respect my husband how do i respect my husband submit to my husband how to submit" - Slow down, woman.

"i'm a newlywed and loving life!" - I'm glad that you are so happy about this that you decided to type your exclamation in the search bar and then go to my blog.

"i want a girl who likes sports" - Maybe you should go to a sporting event and ask one out. Good luck.

So now you know what I mean. If you want to make me laugh, type in a super weird search that could lead to my blog. They crack me up.


  1. hahahhaha i laughed so hard at these. i've been thinking the same thing about the searches for my blog.



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