Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 21st.

May 21st is an important day this year for more than one reason. Firstly, it is the due date of my nephew, which I am SO EXCITED about. Although I won't get to actually meet him until July, we will be able to see him on Skype. If you're wondering why this is, my brother-in-law Josh and his wife Danielle live in China, so we can't exactly be there when the baby is born. Anna, my sister-in-law, is there though. Yes, I am jealous of this. It's so great that she gets to be there and help them and experience this special time. But I am looking forward to July when we will get to hold him and love him and cuddle him and introduce him to the Shelley family!

I am hoping that he will arrive before May 21st, though. They are waiting for him in Bejing, and I know that they are longing for that birthday to just hurry up and get here! I'm also eager to find out what his name will be. They haven't completely decided yet, but I like that because I love anticipation. Especially when it's the anticipation of a brand new human.

Another reason that May 21st is important, is because two of my great friends are getting married! To each other! Chris Underwood and Erica Buffaloe are finally getting hitched. I say finally because it seems like they've been dating forever. I still remember the day that Erica came up to me in the parking lot at Wake Christian and told me that she and Chris were going to start "going out" haha. I've known Erica since 7th grade and played all sports with her. I adore her family and can't imagine life without knowing them. I actually met Chris at Dick's Sporting Goods one random day when I was in 8th grade. We exchanged screen names. Mine was DrPepperLuvr14 if you are wondering. And then he ended up coming to Wake Christian. And dating Erica. And going to NCSU. And playing on the same flag football team with a certain strapping young man named Jordan Shelley. Whom he befriended and asked to help coach Wake Christian basketball. And also asked to sing in his wedding. Because he's marrying Erica. And meanwhile, Jordan and I met, dated way later, and got married. I know, this is all CRAZY and when I say crazy I mean crazy awesome.

Erica, Me, and Ashlee - middle school volleyball!

So anyway, they are getting married that day, and I know that Erica is going to be absolutely beautiful. She and her sister Emily are like little sisters to me. I love them. She and Chris are perfect for each other. Jordan will be singing a couple songs which I am going to looove. I'm already loving hearing him practice. And not only that, but he's singing one of them with one of my best friends, Katherine Helder! It's just a great big group of intertwining friends and love and wonderfulness. I'm so pumped.

The last thing about May 21st is quite insignificant, but very, VERY weird. Apparently some wacko dude is claiming that this is the day that Jesus will return and he has evidence in the Bible. I heard a preacher mention how weird it is, then started seeing billboards about it everywhere (you've probably seen them you just haven't noticed what they are about) and got curious. So I looked it up on the internet and it is some craaazy stuff. I don't know how they are twisting God's Word to promote this, but people are believing it! He would probably advise Josh and Danielle to take back all those baby clothes, and tell Chris and Erica to cancel their honeymoon. I just want to see how he and the rest of his crew react when the Rapture doesn't actually happen that day. I guess they'll just change their website to one big "oops". I mean it could happen any day, but the Bible says that we don't know when it will be! I'm glad. 

May 21st. A big day. I'll let you know how it all goes. If I'm still here to blog about it, then the rapture did in fact NOT happen.


  1. Enjoy becoming an aunt. :) I think that is pretty special. Our first nephew was born the year we were married so it is always easy to know how old he is! ha!! Enjoy the wedding!

  2. You're baaaaack! Hurray! :)



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