Thursday, June 16, 2011

beach weekend.

We had such a fun weekend visiting Ashlee and Corey in Wilmington.

We took my car since Jordan's air conditioning is broken. About halfway there after mine started blowing hot air, we realized that mine was also broken. What great timing, cars. But we love you anyway.

We arrived and had a delicious meal at Buffalo Wild Wings, which we affectionately call B-Dubs. I love wings. Medium and Honey BBQ. Mmm. Forgot not to order beach water.

McDonald's ice cream and a trip to Harris Teeter followed. Ashlee and I were hyper as usual, creating havoc and embarrassment at the Teeter. We left with some treasures though, including Starburst Jellybeans. Which we demolished.

Last time we visited them, Jordan slept on the couch. Not this time. :)

We hit up the beach the next day. Perfect mid-80's weather with a breeze. We played in the water and lounged on the sand. 

Ashlee & Me
So fly
When purchasing a magazine to take to the beach, to my surprise, the one I decided on was Better Homes and Gardens. I felt like my former life had officially slipped away and I fell into complete wifedom.

Is that a Thirty One picnic tote? you may ask. Why, yes it is. My sweet mother got it for me through (My friend Brittany sells it.) Love it. Yes, my monogram spells "Ash". It's very appropriate.

We left tanned and not burnt, so that was a success. Success turned to failure when we realized that the air conditioning in their apartment was broken. It was not a great weekend for AC. So we headed out. That night included Japanese food (yum!) and a putt-putt rematch. Boys vs. Girls. The boys won again. Ashlee and I were on a roll, but fell apart towards the end. I think our demise started with Ashlee hitting Corey's ball in the hole with her ball to give him a hole-in-one. I had never seen that happen from a long distance. 

Also we met one of the most hilarious people of all time. A security guard roaming the putt-putt place who is a modern day Barney Fife. He was lanky with his pants held up high by a holster packed with weapons and tools. When Corey asked him about his taser, he quickly explained that it was a real gun and that there's nothing they can't handle. I bet he had one bullet in his pocket. We felt so safe as we proceeded to the next hole.

Dairy Queen, Pictionary, and Monopoly Deal followed. Even though I lost every game, those three things should be included in every weekend. I wish Ashlee and Corey could be included in every weekend as well. They went to church the next day, but I was stuck at their apartment with a painful ear problem. The same thing happened last year when I first went swimming. But the husband took care of me and all is well now. 

We made the sweltering trip home with no AC, and were sad that the weekend was over. Thank God for the beach and best friends.


  1. Sounds like you had a blast together. :) Great memories with great friends are priceless!

  2. Loved the blog - and loved the swimsuit :) Success! (I also love thinking of all of our blessed beach trips!)

  3. Yay! It was indeed a great weekend! However, next time WE will be the winners of putt putt :)



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