Tuesday, June 28, 2011

dear nephew, CWTF.

Dear Nephew,

I told you I'd write you again after you were born. You are born. So I am writing you. Now I know your name and it is Harvey. And I love you.

If you're wondering what the title means, wonder no longer because I am going to explain it to you. Ever since I was in the 6th grade my best friend and I have used those letters (CWTF) to represent "Can't Wait 'Til Friday". It is a very important acronym with lots of history. Over the years we have made it into much longer, more complicated acronyms. For example, if I was to make a longer one for you it would be CWTFWIGTFMYAHYALYIP. That stands for "Can't Wait 'Til Friday When I Get To Finally Meet You And Hold You And Love You In Person". But normally I don't tell my best friend when it stands for and she has to figure it out. So you're welcome. I mean you can't even read or understand what letters are but whatever. You're welcome, Anna. So I really, really, really, really CWTF.

I hope you have been having a blast with your parents and Anna Ayi. I've seen lots of pictures of the fun things you've been doing over there in China. It seems as though you did not enjoy the ferris wheel as much as the others. That face you made is....priceless. And I really hope that you don't absolutely hate the flight over here. I know that your parents hope that too. And I know that the people who will be joining you on the plane will be hoping that too. So try to just relax and before you know it you will be in North Carolina! You're gonna love NC, I just know it. It is kinda hot though, I'll just warn you.

It's gonna be pretty crazy once you get over here. So many people are going to want to hold you and meet you. Your sleep schedule is going to be literally backwards so just get ready. And we are going to be celebrating Anna's birthday almost immediately so prepare yourself for that as well. We've had your arrival written on our fridge calendar all month, see?

We've been looking at it all month thinking it would never get here and now we are only a few days away. I can't believe it. When I last wrote to you, I told you to hurry up, and you did just three days later. So thank you for that. It seems like it was just May 20th and we were getting the news of your birth! And since then...well, you've seen us a few times on Skype but it has just been a tease.

No offense, Harvey, but I am just as excited about seeing your mom, dad, and aunt. I can't wait to hug them and talk to them in person and spend time with them as my family. I barely got to see your parents after they truly became my family. So I'm sure you understand how I am rationing my excitement among all of you. Jordan is too.

Well, I can't wait to see you and I'm praying for you lots. We are going to have so much fun and you are going to LOVE the rest of your family. Hopefully including me.

I love you.
Aunt Ashley


  1. So sweet Ashley! Harvey is blessed with some very special aunts!!! :)

  2. That is sweet, Ashley. :) Enjoy holding him!



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