Friday, June 24, 2011

fenway father's day - part 1.

Blake and I awoke at 5am on Sunday to get ready to go. It still didn't seem real that we were actually traveling to Boston that day. But nothing seems real at 5am anyway.

We saw Mr. Smith, my friend Nicole's dad, working at the airport. He looked very official. He directed us to what he referred to as a "good line" for security. It was good, he was right. Thanks, Mr. Smith.

We arrived in Philadelphia. A guy near us was unhappy because the food court wouldn't make him spaghetti at 8:45 am. He had on an Angry Birds t-shirt. This amused me. 

Everything went smoothly. We ate most of the Sour Patch Kids that Jordan had given me on the plane ride. Since we had been up since 5, it didn't seem too early to eat them. Also, I felt connected to Jordan by eating them.

After we arrived in Boston, we took the "subway" to get to where Mom and Dad were. Which was kind of confusing because sometimes it seemed like a subway and sometimes it didn't. It started off just like a regular bus and stayed like that for a while, and we were like why do they call this the subway, and then all of the sudden we were underground. Fun fact: Boston's subway system was the 1st in America. Maybe that question will come up in Wits & Wagers someday. So, at every single stop Blake would say Do you think this is it? until finally it was the one.

The weather was perfect. High 70's, sunny, with a breeze. Boston was beautiful. The chaos of the previous day's Bruins parade had settled. It was odd to see my parents walking around in a big city. I'm pretty sure I had never seen that before. They were excited, and very cute. I'm thankful for my parents and that they love each other.

We walked to Fenway Park, which has to be one of the greatest places on earth. The only time I have seen fans as excited about a game as they are at Fenway has been during the Stanley Cup playoffs with the Canes. And this was just a regular season baseball game. People freak out about the Red Sox. We were four of those people.

A Red Sox "ambassador" met us at a gate. She gave my dad his jersey, which was made for him and had "MVP Dad" on the back. The gift package also included some random MLB merchandise, a winner certificate which I'm pretty sure was signed by Bud Selig (the MLB commissioner), and a Vineyard Vines tie with tiny baseballs and bats all over it. I thought this was hilarious because #1 - my dad would never actually buy a Vineyard Vines tie (they're expensive), #2 - that is the most typical Father's Day gift ever, given to my dad by the most atypical source ever.

The ambassador girl then proceeded to ask me if I was actually a Red Sox fan or if I was just "along for the ride".  Another instance of assuming that a female doesn't like sports? Maybe. Apparently the Red Sox organization assumed that a guy wrote the winning paragraph. They said so in this press release article about my dad winning the contest. So, thanks a lot. They probably should have referred back to all of the information I gave to enter and the name "BoSoxGirl". That may have given my gender away. Anyway.

She led us down to the field and it all became very surreal. I mean, we see Fenway on TV all the time, we've watched and admired it for years, so to be actually standing on that field was just crazy. It would be like if you watch a fictional show all the time and then you go to the place that it's filmed and you find out it's actually a real place and not fictional. That's what it felt like.

We were hoping to maybe meet some players, but with all of the hullabaloo concerning the Bruins being there also, there was just no way. We probably would have all fainted anyway so that may have been for the best. So we waited and let it all sink in and Dad talked to some fancy looking people about what he was supposed to do.

When that moment came, Dad went out on the field with the Red Sox mascot Wally (he is the "green monster"...sorry if you don't know what that means but you can just look it up). Over the loud speakers they talked about how it was Father's Day and how this was the first year of the MVP Dad contest and announced Dad as the winner. I thought that was going to be it, but then they talked about him for a while and how he taught us about baseball and the Red Sox, was a fan even though he was from Raleigh, was a committed father, and how he has been coaching for over 20 years. It was really, really cool but I know he was probably thinking "I didn't wanna have to stand out here this long!" He was on the ginormous big screen the whole time and it was amazing to look up and be like, Hey, that's my dad. My MVP dad. 

When everyone clapped for him at the end of it, he looked into the crowd and tipped his hat. It was an awesome moment. I was so proud of him and so thankful for him and all he has done for me. I am truly blessed. Thank You, Lord, for a man who has raised me and led his family in Christ. And thank You, Lord, for this amazing opportunity to honor him! (And thank YOU, people, for voting!) :)

More tales from this trip to come.


  1. the site updates look great, very nice work

  2. Oh my awesome was that, Ashley!! Having grown up with Robby and remembering how much he has ALWAYS loved the Red Sox, it was AWESOME seeing him at Fenway did good girl!!!!! Love You!

  3. Wow, that is so cool!! Couldn't have happened to a better bunch!



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