Thursday, June 2, 2011

go buy this ice cream.

I love cookie dough ice cream. I really love cookie dough Blizzards from Dairy Queen. When I go to Coldstone I get cake batter with cookie dough. It's extremely delicious.

I have never found a store bought cookie dough ice cream that I truly enjoy. They all end up being just mainly vanilla with dots of cookie dough and some hard chocolate chips. Not so great.

UNTIL NOW. Whilst honeymooning, Jordan and I randomly bought the most amazing store bought chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream you will ever put in your mouth. And now I am addicted. I mean, we were already addicted to ice cream, but this took it to a whole new level. It is Breyers Blasts Mrs. Fields Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough ice cream. There are other Mrs. Fields kinds so make sure it is specifically this one. It is the BEST. You don't have to search for the cookie dough - it is filled with scrumptious chunks. Your spoon will never lack the goodness. You won't end up with just vanilla in your mouth. Excellent.

I deemed this important enough to share with you because you will never want to go back to any other kind of cookie dough ice cream. Ever. Jordan also agrees, and he is a self-proclaimed ice cream connoisseur. So believe us. The other day I bought some at Food Lion for a whopping sale price of $1.99. Yes, all of the Breyers ice cream was $1.99. So you can imagine what our freezer looks like right now. Although I may have eaten the majority of it while Jordan was away...


  1. I love that you used the words "whilst" and "whopping" in the same post. :) You are awesome and I want to see you soon! Love you!

  2. I will have to check that out. We love us some cookie dough ice cream around these parts!! :)



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