Wednesday, June 8, 2011

happy anniversary.

A year ago tonight, I was living a very different life. After months of hoping and praying, Jordan finally had "the talk" with me. And I was twitterpated. What is twitterpated you may ask? 

It had been a hard time for us because Jordan had been sick with mono. Very, very sick. Bless his heart, I hate to even think about it. He still has complications from that mono. Intense stuff that is. So usually we would just hang out at each other's places every night, watching a movie or a game, while he laid there sweating and feeling terrible. He was so sweet though, never wanting me to do anything for him. And believe me...I would have done ANYTHING for him. I was head over heels. Still trying to judge how he felt about me. 

There had been a couple times when we had talked about the fact that we were exclusive. I had told him that he was the only guy I wanted to hang out with, and he had said the same for me. Which was obvious, because we were seeing each other almost every single day. If I had been trying to get with any other guy it would have been for like 30 minutes a week. So I didn't really have to tell him that. But for some reason, even though we weren't officially a couple, it was already very serious in my head and heart. Which scared me. I knew it was completely different than any of the relationships I had experienced in the past. (Which were quite a few failed relationships unfortunately.) Jordan treated me with respect and purity, praying with me and reading the Bible with me. It was wonderful but I was hooked. 

So that night a year ago, when Jordan took me to Panera Bread and started talking all seriously, I wanted to jump around with joy. These aren't direct quotes but I'll give you an idea.

Jordan: "So I've been thinking and praying about our relationship, and I think God has put us together and we've been growing closer to Him and each other. What do you think?"

Me: nonchalantly, "Yes, I agree." (Um, DUHH it's the best thing in the entire world let's married right now!)

Jordan: "And I just wanted to let you know that I don't see this as a casual dating relationship, but I want to take it seriously."

Me: nodding, "I feel the same way." (GLORY HALLELUJAH I'm not crazy and he really likes me and I'm gonna die of excitement)

Jordan: "Great. Well I'm excited about where God is leading us."

Me: "Me too. So does this mean I'm your girlfriend?" (Make it official already, boy!)

Jordan: "Haha, yes, if that's okay with you."

Me: "Yes, of course!" (WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)

So that's pretty much how it went down. I felt like a middle school girl who just talked to her first crush. We were boyfriend and girlfriend. Going out. Officially official. In a relationship. Dating. Whatever you want to call it. I no longer had to introduce him as just "Jordan" or "my friend". I could finally tell people, YES I am taken! And somehow I knew, even then, that he was the one I wanted to be with forever. It's hard to explain but I really knew. More to come about that later. You can read more here about how God led us to each other. But for now...Happy Dating Anniversary, to my Boyfriend turned Husband!

When we first started hanging out last year :)


  1. That is so sweet. :) I remember that feeling with Steve. There is nothing like it when you find the ONE for you!

  2. Hilarious reading your true thoughts! We're soooo thankful the Lord led him to you!



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