Sunday, June 26, 2011

happy sweet sixteen, sister!

This is my sister-in-law Anna. She's sixteen today.

This was the day that we actually became related. Glory hallelujah.

I wish I could see her on her birthday, but she is in China. Thankfully she will be home this weekend, and I can give her a proper "happy birthday". But for now this will have to do.

Anna Shelley. My sister.
My newly sixteened sister.
Since she's been across the world I can't explain how much I've missed her.
She's adorable. And smart.
Everyone knows she's witty.
She'd argue with me, but it's a fact that she is beyond pretty.
Her passion. Creativity.
Talents none can count.
The guys are probably longing for a chance to take her out.
But she's too good for them. It's true.
Their advances should be stopped.
Unless they're as good as the Shelley men, who really can't be topped.
She loves her family. And friends.
She's kind to everyone she knows.
The longer you're around her the more your love for her will grow.
She honors the Lord. Her Savior.
Only in Him does she boast.
Out of all of her great qualities, it's what I admire most.
192 months. 16 years.
But yet I've only known her one.
It's amazing in this year just how much our Lord has done.
She's my family now. My sister.
Celebrating her special day.
I guess a simple I love her is what I'm trying to say.

Happy birthday, Anna.


  1. Ashley, this is so beautiful!!! Anna is SOOO incredibly blessed with 2 wonderfully special sisters! We're so thankful! Love you! (And I loved the hairdo blog!)

  2. Ashley- what a special tribute to your "new sister". I agree with everything you said about Anna. She is a special girl. Love you both. Granma Carolyn



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