Thursday, June 2, 2011


By the time I post this, I'll probably be working and Jordan will be on his way back to NC. So I'm not being a dummy and telling the world wide web when I am home alone. I'm just throwing that out there. Be cool about internet safety yall.

But I've had a couple nights without my dear sweet husband. He has been on a climbing trip in NY, and I have been missing him like crazy. If I wasn't married, and I was reading this, then I'd probably be like yeah yeah okay get over it whatever. But seriously it is not cool. Mad props to military wives by the way, they sacrifice so much. I don't know how they do it.

Anyway, so what am I to do when my other half is gone? Besides text him all the time and Skype at night? (Thank God for that technology!) Let's see. I have:

1. Slept in a little bit. 
2. Voted for my dad to win that Father's Day contest for literally hours. We'll see what happens, haha.
3. Played Monopoly Deal with the bro. Jordan dislikes that game, so I rarely get to play it. I love it. It's such a shame.
4. Played Dutch Blitz with the fam and Travis. We love Dutch Blitz. My mom's side of the family has played it as long as I can remember. I'm not very good at it, but I try. My mom is the pro. It's kinda like Nertz if you've ever played that...but better. 
5. Researched netbooks relentlessly. I think I'm going to get one. My laptop is from 2006 and there are so many things wrong with it. Including the fact that it doesn't allow me to post pictures on here! Which is why I haven't been blogging much lately. Something new is necessary. All I need is a little friend for me to browse and blog on. So that's what I want. :)
6. Started to prepare for my upcoming Bible study with my basketball girls! Ahhh I'm so excited about this. I'll probably write about that later.
7. Read....a lot. I'm halfway through Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and it is getting so good. 
8. Blasted The Beatles, Backstreet Boys, and Disney tunes. In other words, listened to my beloved music that my husband rejects. Although, in my defense I think he secretly loves that music. I gather my evidence from here and here. Yes, it's pretty solid evidence.
9. Watched some of The Bachelorette. I have a love/hate relationship with that show. It can get trashy but I like the other parts. Too bad Jordan missed that too. 
10. Most importantly, I did something very brave. Normally, no matter what the size, if there is any kind of bug crawling around our place I get Jordan to kill it. Always. Even if I saw a bug and Jordan wasn't here, I'd just trap it or something, then get him to kill it later. But today...there was a bug on the wall. One of those weird bugs that has legs all the way around it. I don't know what they're called but I hate them. And you know what I did? I mustered my courage and smacked that thing with a shoe. A very cute wedge shoe. Some of its guts are on the wall. I'm looking at them right now. Ew. He fell and hopefully died, but I didn't investigate. I'll let Jordan do that when he gets home. I assume I either killed him or injured him enough that he will not be crawling into bed with me.

I don't like life without Jordan. Now that I have life with him, I don't know how I did it without him. So I'm very thankful that he's returning to me tomorrow. Or today, since that's when you'll be reading this. 

Also I miss my sister Anna. And want to see Josh, Danielle, and little Harvey oh so badly. Only a month!


  1. It is hard when your other half is not with you. I don't know how the military spouses do it, either. They are courageous people.

    Those creepy crawly things are centipedes. We have had them here and they freak me out. I also have my bug killer do the job. I have been known on occasion to break bad and kill one myself.

    Enjoy your time with Jordan when he gets home. :)

  2. thank you for the props to military wives =) tough job but somebody has to do it! hopefully by time yall have kids jordan can be home with you all the time! because it is 10x harder then. especially with a toddler with an attitude.

  3. Know exactly what u mean! My hubby works for a moving company & he goes out of state for days & even weeks at a time! It never gets easier:/



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