Friday, July 8, 2011

giveaway WINNER!

I loved having a giveaway. It's fun to give something away. It was included in this post about important announcements and such. Definitely expect another one next month!

So this morning, I woke up to over 75 likes on the Christian Wife Life Facebook Page, and I got all giddy because I could draw a name. :)

Also it's Friday, and I'm off on Fridays, so I was already giddy.

I typed up the 75 people, plus the people who got an extra entry due to their comments, printed it out, cut them into strips, tried to make them all the same size, and put them into a hat. I almost put them in a bowl, but I was like no. It needs to be a hat. I'm sure there is some thing online that can choose for you randomly if you put names in, but it's just more fun this way.

Thanks for letting me use your beloved hat, husband. I shuffled the names around, being sure not to look down, stuck my hand in there, grabbed one from the bottom, and then slowly pulled it out.

I was brimming with excitement as I flipped the name over. I actually laughed out loud as I read who it was......

None other than Miss CARRIE SIPPY!
She actually had her name in there twice because she commented on one of my blog posts. Awesome. I laughed because I've known her literally my entire life, actually before I was even born if that's possible. Also I know that if anyone loves a good book it is Carrie.

I was going to mail the book to whoever won, but since it's someone I know, I guess it's just a great excuse for me to actually see her! She just needs to let me know which book she wants. :)

Breaking Free or So Long, Insecurity by Beth Moore?
Radical by David Platt?

Carrie - please do comment and tell us all which one you want! Yeeauhhhh.

Thank you to everyone who has "liked" the Facebook page! It's so awesome to see lots of people I don't know but hope to know. :) And the ones I do know of course! So keep it up! I already love interacting with y'all on there and through my new email 

Praise and honor be to our Lord Jesus Christ! And I hope that one of those books will bless Carrie like it did me. That's the reason I write - to bless and help others! 


  1. Yaaaay! What an awesome surprise. Oooh what a hard choice! I think I am going to go with So Long, Insecurity! I am excited and I can't wait to see you! Love ya, bud since birth.

  2. @Carrie

    Congratulations! We will definitely set up a time to get together! :) I know you will love it. I actually just finished reading it again. Love ya tons!



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