Wednesday, July 6, 2011

july and all the fun it offers.

It's July. Can you believe it? It seems like we were all just wishing for warm weather and summer and boy do we have it now. As my days are now filled with babysitting, I have a lot more on my hands. I'm loving it, though, and there is a list in my head of things to look forward to this month. So I will now attempt to put that list into words...

1. Spending time with the Shelley family who are here visiting from China. 
I'm so thankful for this time we get to have with my brother and sister in law and their precious baby Harvey. There will be much to write about that, but what I keep thinking is, Wow, it's so great to be with them and not be a stressed out bride-to-be like last time. I'm sure I'm much more pleasant to be around. :)

2. Myrtle Beach with my mom's side of the family.
This has always been my favorite tradition of the year and it never disappoints. My cousins are a hilarious group and there is never a dull moment at the beach. Having Jordan there again will be a plus as well of course. I remember last year thinking how well he fit in with our family and how I hoped he would be back with he gets to come back with me forever. It's so comforting to have my teammate.

Us at the beach last year!

3. My birthday!
I'm turning 23 which seems as though it's leaning more towards the "mid-twenties". Kinda weird. Lately I feel like I'm 18 again, trying to figure out what in the world God wants me to do with my life. But I guess I'll always be trying to figure that out, won't I? I'm so glad I'm not the one in control. Anyway, I can't wait to spend my birthday with my husband for the first time!

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
This movie that is sure to be spectacular is coming out on July 15th. This is the first and only time that I will experience a Harry Potter movie premiere, which is sort of sad considering how much I've loved it in the past year. But my goal was to finish the books before this movie came out, and I definitely did that with nooo problem. I'm considering dressing up a little, I don't have robes, but I might just get a shirt or something. Maybe put a little lightning bolt on my forehead. Some glasses. We'll see.

5. Mountain Top Youth Camp
I'm counseling for Senior Teen Week at an awesome Christian camp for the first time. It's in the mountains, obviously. My father-in-law is in charge of the week, my mother-in-law will be there helping, my brother-in-law Joseph is working there for the summer, and my sister-in-law will be a camper. Awesome. The only unawesome thing is that Jordan cannot attend. But hopefully he will come up for a day at the end. I used to go to camp there when I was a wee child. I will talk about that later though in full detail. So look forward to that.

6. Ty and Julie's wedding
Two of Jordan's friends, who are also my friends now of course, will be tying the knot and we are oh so excited. Jordan lived with Ty and went to NCSU with him and Julie, and now I'm in a Bible study with Julie. They are so perfect for each other and I am sooo happy for them because I know they're going to LOVE marriage! And I know that she's going to love having the wedding over with. haha. :) Can't wait.

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  1. Sounds like you are having a wonderful July so far!! :) Enjoy all of the moments!



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