Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Camp was amazing. Except for missing Jordan…that was pretty hard and I know it would have intensified every act of fun that I had if he had been there. But besides that, camp was amazing. I’m so thankful for the opportunity God gave me to go and learn about how to Walk His Way!

Just to be more to the point, I’ll make a list of what I loved about counseling at camp.

1. The meetings that we had twice a day – learning what true faith really means and what it takes. Uncle Eric is an awesome speaker who definitely spoke the Word all week! It was awesome to see God using him for His glory. I’m so thankful I was able to listen to such great teaching and I’m going to meditate on the Scriptures he used even more. I’m definitely more fired up about walking God’s way than I was a week ago. :)

2. The campers. Oh how I loved the campers. There was such a fun group of them and it was encouraging to see young people (ages 15-19) passionate for the Lord. They inspired me. But I’ll get more specific.

3. My cabin. We had the sweetest group of girls. They all got along well and seemed to build each other up. We even won awards for having the cleanest cabin all week. :) I especially loved our devotions each night when the girls would share their thoughts and questions on what we had learned that day. They would make simple but convicting points that still stick with me right now. One of my sweet girls kept reminding us that “what you put in your mind is what comes out”, and she could not be more right. If we are in the Word and focus on "whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report" (Phil.4:8), then that is what will take over our thoughts and how we act. Such an excellent reminder.

4. My team. I was the co-leader of the Green Team. It was one out of five teams, and each team had about 20 kids. My team wasn’t the best at memorizing all of their verses…and we didn’t win many games…and we ended up in fourth place…but there is no doubt that we were the most entertaining team. Heavily distracted, yes, but oh so amusing. For instance, one moment we’re having a meeting, the next we’re having a dance-off.
Or maybe having a tricycle race. Or a no-hands tetherball game. But who knew they'd pull off an awesome musical performance like they did? I was so proud of them. For their end of the week musical skit thing they used the song “Don't Waste Your Life” by LeCrae. The lyrics are definitely worth looking up. Some of you can see the video on Facebook. It's impressive. Anyway, I will miss my team soo much. They made my time at camp a blast.

One of the funniest people I've ever met.

5. Counseling with my cousin. Technically cousin-in-law, but I’m tired of referring to all of Jordan’s family members with “in-law” at the end, and I feel like I’ve always meant to be family with them anyway, so I’ll just leave it to “cousin”. I liked Brooke the first time I ever met her (along with the rest of my new cousins), but I got to know her a lot better since I spent seven nights in the bed next to her. :) It was honor to be a counselor with such a godly woman. She made me feel so comfortable with everything and answered my millions of questions. I already miss her.

6. Other members of the Shelley clan. I also got to spend quality time with Jordan’s parents, Joseph, Anna, Josh, Danielle, Harvey, Blaine, Thomas, Uncle Eric, Hope, Grace, and other random people who I didn’t even know were related to me until last week. Which was AWESOME. I am so thankful for these amazing people. Their encouragement and godly influence is such a blessing.

all of us doing the "Shelley Power" sign :)

7. Outdoorsy activities that I do not normally do. Such as hiking up the mountain. Killing endless bugs. And most importantly - the "death swing". Which is this thing where you have to climb up a ladder and then a giant net to go up a tree, until you get to this platform and get hooked onto a cord. You then just jump off and freefall at first until the cord starts swinging you back and forth. For those who know me and know how much I anticipate things and get myself worked up about them, you would probably think I would decide not to do this. But I did. And it was fun.

8. Receiving mail. Being away from electronic devices was so great. I mean....I'm thankful that I'm typing right now and that I'm connected to loved ones online and all that, but it's just so cool to get away from all that stuff for a while. And not only that, but I got to send letters back and forth with my husband and family. :) Letters are fantastic. Jordan was so sweet to write to me and he even sent me a package with candies and gum and such. It was soooo encouraging because I was aching from missing him. I love him. If you haven't noticed.

9. The music. My brother Joseph led the singing, which was amazing of course. Brian helped out and Stephanie was baller on the drums. Then at the end of the week my talented husband sang "In the Light" by dc talk, and Uncle Eric sang a couple songs too. I love the Shelley musicalness. The camp songs are sooo stuck in my head but I like it. I walk around singing them and doing all of the motions. Can't wait for Joe and Jordan to lead music at Extreme Weekend in September when we'll be back at Mountain Top! :) Yeaauuhhh.

That about sums it up. There were also fun games and lots of awesome verses to memorize and good food and fun activities. But I'll just stop with nine. Would I do it again? Yes. I want to do anything that God wants me to do to serve Him. But I would hope next time that He would also want Jordan to do it at the same time.

And if you are a camper or a MTYC staffer and you are reading this - I miss you and I love you. And I'm praying for you. And I miss you.


  1. So glad you had a great time. :) Sounds like a wonderful opportunity to learn more from the Lord! I will admit I have missed your posts so I am glad you are back... but I know what you mean about how nice it is to get *real* snail mail. :)

  2. Ashley, it sounds like it was a fantastic week. MTYC is a blast, and it's so wonderful to get to serve there. :) I hope I can go again another summer in the future as a counselor. Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  3. Reminds me of when I was a camp counselor. I loved it. I was so blessed by the kids, staff, and God of course. Was one of the best expereinces.



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