Friday, August 19, 2011

eating healthier & breakfast.

So along with this whole working out to get healthier and ready for my fitness certification thing, I also need to participate in the second, always proven part of the get healthy plan. EAT healthful foods.

Since I’ve actually starting cooking now that I’ve been married, I’ve tried to make nutritious meals and somehow get Jordan to eat vegetables. But it’s not good enough. There’s still way too much junk going into our bellies. (We are snackers!) We’ve both realized this and want to change our eating ways. I’ve never really been on a diet. And I wouldn’t even call what we’re trying to change a “diet”…just some simple changes in our habits.

You know that one thing people always say but it seems like not a lot of people do? Eat a good breakfast. That has been our first step towards a more nutritious lifestyle and I think it really has made our days better. I would occasionally eat some cereal or something, but lately I’ve been having a bowl of oatmeal every morning and it has been deliciously wonderful. The brown sugar maple Food Lion brand kind is my favorite. Yummm. Jordan has been eating yogurt with granola. I’m not so much a fan of this (or at least I haven’t found a kind I like yet) but he has loved it.

So…my question for you is this: What other nutritious breakfast foods should I try? I know I’m not going to eat oatmeal every day for the rest of my life. Or take the time to make eggs. So what do YOU like to eat for breakfast that gets you off to a great start and a healthy day?


  1. Cottage cheese mixed with crushed pineapple and frozen blueberries is yummy and quick and super healthy! Also, I buy organic oats in bulk at Earth Fare and it's cheaper than the Wal-Mart brand. Mix with raw honey, cinnamon, and a dab of butter - deee-licious and super nutritious.

  2. Oh yeah - forgot about the smoothies! Organic yogurt with a banana, frozen strawberries and/or blueberries with a splash of apple juice.

  3. Well... I eat Fiber One Honey Clusters cereal every morning. I add raisins and love it a lot. I have tried lots of things over the years and this cereal seems to stick with me a lot longer than others. Another good thing is a piece of toast with peanut butter.. good protein in the morning to help those brain cells. :)

  4. We love a big breakfast. We view it as our energizer meal.
    Some of our favorite breakfast items:
    -museli cereal
    -Ezekiel bread (based off of a bible recipe, google it, pretty neat!) we make toast with it.
    -Ezekiel English muffins (my favorite)
    -Always eggs!
    -Always bacon/sausage (a good kind, we've been buying this brand lately: Applegate naturals. Look for it at health food stores)
    -also always a fruit, I prefer a banana, my hunny usually eats an apple.
    We used to be very unhealthy. I was always thin so I never thought twice, my husband was overweight by about 70lbs, plus he's 6'6 so it was hard to tell just how much overweight because of his height. All his family struggles with weight. We decided to become healthy-not a diet, just a lifestyle change. Hard at first but became second nature. Now we can truly enjoy what we eat without feeling guilty. It opened a fun door for us, as we love to cook and we get to try new things out. Im happy to say we both have had wonderful things come out of this. My skin, mood, energy levels all have improved. And my hunny, he lost 60lbs in the 2 years we have been married! :) and he feels great as well. Now his family is seeing the benefits of eating natural & healthy and are trying to improve their food choices. But keep in mind, we live in the deep south of Louisiana where food is fried, butter, and sugared lol!

  5. I mix up a Body by vi shake for breakfast! Its full of vitamins and nutrients! I like the oreo cheescake shake! check them out at



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