Thursday, August 25, 2011

news, happenings, & hoards of old people.

1. I could not post yesterday. I was literally busy from sun-up to lights out. But, at church we did a "Way of the Master" evangelism video lesson that was perfect for my Wednesday Witness. I will talk about it later.

2. It seems as though Jordan and I have been having non-stop fun since he got home from Pennsylvania last Friday. It's been ridiculously good. But having fun is pretty exhausting sometimes. Saturday we babysat (more to come about that) and then watched a movie. Sunday we went to church, had lunch at my Grandma's with my fam, went out to eat at Outback for our engagement anniversary that night, and then Coldstone. Awesome, awesome day. Monday we went out to eat downtown at Cantina South with another married couple, got some Cookout milkshakes, then went to a movie that night with some other friends. On Tuesday Jordan went golfing with my dad and I went shopping for my party on Saturday. Yesterday our cousin Brooke came to visit (the one I counseled with at camp). We went out to lunch and to see a movie and then had dinner with Jordan and went to church.

After we got home and sat down, Jordan and I were like woah. These past few days have FLOWN by, it's like they all ran together. They can't all be like that or we'd never get anything done and never have any money, but it's a blast sometimes. I'm glad we're a couple who likes to be going and doing and hanging out with people. He's my best friend.

3. You may have noticed how many times I said the word "movie" in that paragraph. We hardly ever go see movies, and if we do it's at the $1.50 theater. But in the past few days I've seen 2 good movies at the real it's been pretty crazy. I mean the seats are really comfy in the real theaters. Really. Comfy.

The first one I saw was Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I think they did a really good job with it....but it was SAD. Like sad the entire movie. I felt bad for the people...I felt bad for the apes...not a feel good movie. But I did enjoy it, especially since I used to watch the really old ones when I was little. Also, the guy who plays Draco was in it. Ha.

The second movie I saw was The Help. I really don't like most chick flicks, and from the previews it kinda looks like it would be one, but I don't consider this a chick flick. I think men and women alike would enjoy it, because the story is just THAT good. The characters are phenomenal. Acting is excellent. It's historical, riveting, appeals to all of your senses, makes you think, just does all kinda great stuff to your insides. Disclaimer: There is some bad language, so be forewarned.

So when Brooke and I went to see The Help, it was during the day. We drive up to the theater, and there is a line of at least 30 people getting tickets. Not just people. People of the age of 65 and up. Not that there's anything wrong with older people. I love them. They're awesome and full of wisdom. But it was hilarious to see a giant group of them going to the movies. And when we got into the theater there had to be like 60 of them in there with us.

Brooke took this picture after we had been in line for a little while. So funny.

The movie Jordan and I watched at home was United 93. It's about the plane that didn't make it to its target on 9/11. Also not a feel good movie, but I'm glad I watched it. Can you believe it's about to be the 10 year anniversary of that day?? I can't. Wow. I'm sure I'll write about that later.

4. I'm working out a lot. I feel better and have more energy. I recommend working out.

5. I'm helping with Storm Squad tryouts tonight. I'm excited to see my Canes family and give them some assistance. Also, I'm prepared to be very entertained. Tryouts can get crazyyy! You have to do so many spontaneous random things. So I'm excited to see what's in store.

6. My Thirty-One/Ice Cream party is this Saturday. If I know you, and you want to come, then let me know. Seriously. It's gonna be fun. Or if you don't know me, but live near Raleigh, and want some great Christian fellowship and good times, then let me know. Or if you want to order something from Thirty-One through my party, let me know also. I think the theme of this paragraph is that you need to let me know. Or if you want to win my August Giveaway of a Thirty-One item, then become a fan of the Christian Wife Life Facebook Page and comment on one of my August posts!

7. Have a great rest of your Thursday. It's almost the weekend. :)


  1. I wish I could come to your party! But I have stuff on Saturday....

    And I had a blast on Wednesday! It was so fun to actually get to hang out and spend time together without being responsible for a bunch of campers:) And the movie was great, along with the old people ! :)

    "I like horses"

  2. Ashley,

    I just needed to let you know that this whole post made me smile and giggle so much! It was so crazy, fun, chaotic yet organized... it was pretty much awesome!! So, I'm posting to let you know that I thin you are awesome and I love you and I so wish I was at home to hang out with you at your party! I'm sure it will be appropriately adorable!



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