Tuesday, August 23, 2011

um, earthquake craziness.

Just experienced my first earthquake. So obviously I had to write about it.

Not too long ago we had insane tornado action here in Raleigh. Today we had tremors from an earthquake that started in central Virginia. Hurricane Irene is expected to hit us this weekend. Crazy.

So earlier I was just eating my lunch, good ol' peanut butter sandwich and some Cheezits, about to do some studying, when everything starts shaking. I thought my wrought iron thing on the wall was about to fall on my head along with the smiling faces of me and my husband that also adorn the wall. "Is that those dang powerwashers tryna clean our buildin while makin as much noise as possible again??" I thought to myself. For some reason I remember that thought being in the redneck voice that I just depicted. So I look outside, while everything is still shaking. Nope. Nobody in sight.

My next thought was that the lady below us was going to leave another note on our door thinking I was shaking the building somehow. I mean, I work out here sometimes but I don't think my weight would provoke that kind of reaction from the building structure. Hopefully she realizes that. Because I have a feeling that even if she heard there was an earthquake she'd still try to blame it on us somehow. 

So then I get on Facebook, which I must admit is an excellent source of news, and see that many others felt the same thing and are attributing it to an earthquake that centralized in Virginia. Okay so I'm not crazy. That is good. Thanks, Facebook.

I then think about the fact that my husband was just climbing a cell phone tower not even half an hour earlier. I'm very thankful that he got done when he did....the thought of everything shaking while he's hanging onto some metal bars hundreds of feet up in the air by himself is not cool. Not cool at all. Thank you, Lord. 

So yes. We had an earthquake. We are freaking out about it because that kinda stuff doesn't happen here. So  if you live in California or another earthquake prone place, I can assume you are chuckling at us North Carolinians right about now. But whatev. It was crazy to us.

Now let's see what happens with Miss Irene this weekend...

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