Friday, August 5, 2011

wedding dreams & a beautiful friend.

Lillian Renee Johnson.
This girl is such a fantastic friend. 
We both came to Wake Christian in the 2nd grade and had the same wonderful teacher, Mrs. Fowler. We both had a love of books and writing. (She has a blog that inspired me to blog.) We both loved yearbook and I was honored to be her co-editor for 2 years. We both shared the dream of having a beautiful love story and becoming a wife over any other future or career dream.

Which is what brings me to writing about her. Her love story is at its climax. (Not that it's going to go downhill or anything...but I mean a wedding is pretty climactic.) Renee will be married to her Prince Derrick in October and I could not be happier for her. I remember finding out that she was engaged and doing a happy dance because we had all been dying from the anticipation of that day.

If anyone deserves an amazing love story and a happily ever after, it's Renee. To remove all doubt you should read this beautiful post by her. She has prayed and dreamed about her future husband all of her life. And that relationship ended up blossoming out of a college friendship. 

So today eight of us, who have been friends since middle/high school, will be traveling to the beach in celebration of her upcoming marriage. A lot has changed in the past few years for this group of girls. It seems like every time we get together, it's because one of us is getting married! Which is awesome and oh so fun. I'm so thankful that we have stayed friends this long. They are such a blessing and encouragement to me - lifting me up in Christ and being amazing examples of godly women. I wish I could see them more. 

I have many sweet memories from my friendship with Renee. Hearing bits and pieces from tales of her crazy crushes in middle school. Wuthering Heights. Writing stories such as "The Long Pier". Cracking up at the crazy happenings in yearbook. Winning a yearbook beach trip (because we made the best yearbooks ever). Going from film to digital and from 2 computers to 20 computers. Planning class activities. Finally getting her to join Student Council since she was the best planner of us all. Poltergeist. The Kiss of '06. Both of us finally getting it right with the men God planned for us. Showers, sleepovers, and outings to places I never thought I'd be with Renee. Or with anyone haha. Okay this is making me sad because we're so old now. I'll get to the pictures.

Me & Renee in 10th grade I think - at the Dawson's Creek set
Most of our group of friends at a football game junior year - Me, Jessica, Whitney, Renee, Carrie, Sarah and Bethany
Cari, Me, Renee, Bethany, and Leah at Jr/Sr our senior year
Jessica, Me, and Renee at Bethany's wedding
the girls at Whitney's wedding - Me, Sarah, Carrie, Jessi, Whitney, Renee, Bethany, Jessica, & Cari
I could write much more about this amazing girl and our group of friends. But just to sum it up - I am beyond blessed by these people. I can't even think of a single negative instance from knowing Renee for these 16 years. She constantly inspires me. After dreaming about our love stories for so many years, all I can say is PRAISE THE LORD that He is the One who planned them!

I hope that in a few years I can still say that we are all just as tight. I know it will only get harder, but I truly believe that we will be. And then I can start writing about the little Renees and Whitneys and Bethanys in their lives.....okay I won't go there yet haha. Let's just sick to the wedding part right now. :)



  1. This almost made me cry! I am so so blessed to have you in my life! All of the memories made me laugh - we've had some amazing times together and more to come. I think, in a way, we're all closer now than in high school - God has blessed us so much in finding respect, inspiration, and strength in one another. And I'm very excited for this weekend :)

    Ashley, I've told you this before - but you are a great friend. Not only to me, but to everyone who knows you.

  2. That was precious... and I felt honored to have a snippet of your past! :) You all are precious young women. I am enjoying this new chapter in your lives. It makes me smile. I know y'all are having a blast!!



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