Wednesday, August 31, 2011

winner of the August giveaway!

It's winner time people!

Remember last time when I randomly selected my friend Carrie and started laughing, just because it was Carrie? 

Well, this time, I seriously cracked up. 

I went to to its random number generator, because I figured out that it's a lot easier than cutting up 50 names and putting them in a hat. And probably more random anyway. I have everyone who was entered in a numbered list, and whatever number it generated would be the winner.

It gave me the number, I consulted the list, and the name next to my mother.

Therefore, I cracked up.

No, I will not strip my mother of her title as winner. I'm trying to be honest here, people. And I'm extremely thankful for her support of my blog. :) I will indeed give her a Thirty-One prize.

BUT, just to be extra fair, I will also have another winner. Who gets to pick the Thirty-One gift. Who did not give birth to me.

That winner.....



Yayyyy. She's so sweet and encouraging and is a faithful reader! So I'm happy it picked her! 

So, Brooke, you need to go ahead and pick your item. :)

Thank you to everyone who commented & such. Y'all are awesome. Sorry I haven't replied to many people yet. I get overwhelmed by your great thoughts and ideas! 

Also, I'm brunette as of today. Crazy.
This is the only picture so far. I know, the dark hair makes me look even more G. Didn't know that was possible, did you?


  1. Well, I am a little ecstatic right now! Thanks so much! Cannot wait to add to my 31 collection!

    love you much,

  2. Congratulations Mrs. Shelly Hamilton and Brooke Andrews!!! :D :D Ashley, keep up the Christian Wife Life!!! You are amazing and God uses you more than you can possibly know!! :)

  3. YAAAAY! I won:) that makes me very excited! I will text you and tell you what I want!



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