Sunday, September 25, 2011

10 day you challenge: 7 wants.

10 Day You Challenge: 7 Wants

1. I want to be on fire for God constantly. No matter what my circumstance or mood is.

2. I want to be more crafty. (Um, Pinterest anyone?)

3. I want a sewing machine. And to re-learn how to sew. This goes along with the craftiness.

4. I want my husband to always be encouraged and blessed by me.

5. I want to be better at answering messages and emails. For real. I'm terrible at it. A goal for the week is to go through all of my Facebook messages that I've never read or answered and to respond!

6. I want to be able to pull off the look of a fedora. Maybe I will this fall. We'll see.

7. I want to leave a godly legacy!

...What do you want? Link back to me and let me know if you do this 10 day challenge! Then I can give a list of people who are doing this. :)


  1. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! It's always so encouraging to see other young women living the set apart life for Christ.

    I really want to learn how to sew as well, but I have yet to set aside time to actually practice :)

    Love your blog!

  2. I am enjoying your list but haven't had time to comment on each one here lately. :) I'll probably be doing this list when I get a few things calmed down this weekend. ha! Looking forward to seeing you today at the wedding!

  3. I want to draw closer to the Lord, I want to be a good testimony, I want to conquer my fear of singing solo at church for God's Glory, I want to know what is God's plan for my life in the area of career, I want to be more active in church, I want to testify more in church, I want to testify more in church and witness to the unbelievers



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