Friday, September 23, 2011

10 day you challenge: 9 loves.

10 Day You Challenge: 9 Loves

1. I LOVE Goodberry's chocolate ice cream. I guess it's actually frozen custard. I'd rather have it than any other type of ice cream. That's a strong statement but I stand by it.

2. I LOVE when my husband sings and plays the guitar. I melt. He's so talented.

3. I LOVE shelves. Bookshelves, shelving units, really cool closet spaces, basically anything that can hold books or display things.

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

4. I LOVE clean sheets. They are so wonderful to crawl into at night. I feel so cozy and I seem to sleep better, although that's probably just in my head.

5. I LOVE reminiscing with my high school friends. They always bring up hilarious stories that I had completely forgotten. We were so ridiculous, and I'm so glad.

6. I LOVE reading. I could read all day for real. It's the most relaxing thing to me. I got three books yesterday at Lifeway. I'm PUMPED.

7. I LOVE those dancing hamsters on that car commercial. Hamsters should always dance. I'm pretty sure the first website I ever visited was Actually, I'm going to see if it still does. And you can even revisit the classic one. Sweet.

8. I LOVE Monopoly Deal. Too bad Jordan doesn't, or we'd play it all the time. Such a fun, quick, better version of Monopoly!

9. I LOVE when people read the blog, comment, and become followers. Which means I love YOU. :) Haha.


  1. I wish we could hang out/double date-- because then we could get goodberry's (chocolate concrete. I drool.),and play monopoly deal. great list! :)

  2. I'm a fan of this post :)
    4. The sheets, I completely agree! If I had the money, I'd pay someone to put clean sheets on my bed every day!
    6. I used to get in trouble b/c I would stay up at night, hiding under my sheets reading! Or, while homeschooling I'd take a bathroom break and lock myself in the bathroom reading until mom caught me :)
    7. I almost died laughing the first time I saw this commercial! I love it! I still have a hampster that dances when you press it's paw. It's a gangsta hampster. This is a youtube I found of him dancing.
    8. I love monopoly deal! If you have it, you should bring it up to extreme weekend :)

  3. I absolutely love a chocolate chip concrete from Goodberry's. If I ate them like I want to I would be as wide as a barn. Now that you have shown me the visual of one, I am craving it. Thanks, Ashley... I love you. lol :)

  4. hahah, well it didnt take me long to become a follower! Love your blog so far, its so great knowing theres other young wives out there like you... passionate about god and building a beautiful life for their families. so inspiring, grow in grace! :)

  5. Rachel - Agreed! I wanna make that happen!

    Blaine - Ohmyword I want one of those dancing hamsters. Love.

    Mrs. Fowler - I've been craving it ever since I posted this too, haha.

    Christina - Thank you girl! That's very encouraging! :)

  6. you sound like such fun and your close to my age I'm turning 21 God spare on march 21st yeah 1.i love the trinity 2.i love my mother big sister aunty Gilda and bbf's 3.I love sleep and food (best things God ever created in my opinion and i will defend it till the day i die) 4. I love chocolate, oatmeal raisin cookies and rockyroad and french vanilla icecream 5. I LOVE singing 6. I love dancing 7. i love reading romance novels and blogs articles etc it's an addiction lol 8.I boardgames hanging out with friends and I love being alone



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