Tuesday, September 13, 2011

cajun chicken pasta.

I haven't really branched out much with my cooking since we've gotten married.

These are my staple meals:

Different forms of Chicken (barbecue, Itailian, grilled, etc.)
Hamburger Helper/Chicken Helper/Asian Helper

And different vegetable sides, salads, bread, boringness, bleh.

These are all good things. Jordan enjoys them. I enjoy them. They full our tummies and tickle our taste buds.

BUTTT I want to start mixing things up now that I halfway sort of know what I'm doing.

So every once in a while (I'm hoping once a week but we'll see) I want to change it up and try something crazy. Or maybe not crazy but just not one of the things I mentioned above.

So on Saturday, I decided to try the Pioneer Woman's recipe for Cajun Chicken Pasta.

(To get to the recipe you can just click on the picture. It will take you to my Pinterest which has a collection of recipes that I want to try. Each picture takes you to the blog post where the recipe is found! It's easy.)

What I love about her recipes is that she takes you through every step, even little steps, with pictures. As in, I didn't know how to cut a pepper and she taught me how to cut a pepper. Awesome.

It honestly took me quite a while because I'm such a noob. But...I actually enjoyed the process. (Usually I don't truly enjoy the cooking process - I just want to eat.)

I loved the end result. Probably should have used more cajun spice and pepper and all that...I was hesitant because I didn't want to overdo it. But now I know. It was still excellent though.

Also, this has been the meal that keeps on feeding. I made it Saturday for both of us, Jordan had seconds, and then we both ate big portions of it last night for dinner, and then today Jordan took it for lunch. So the recipe size would definitely feed a family. I love leftovers so this made me extremely happy. :)

It wasn't too expensive either. Probably a little over $20 for me to get ALL the ingredients? (Except the white wine, haha. I figured I could do without.) And next time I'll already have the cajun seasoning and red pepper seasoning and all that good stuff so it'll be less. 

Here's my finished product:
Yum. Gotta have the Diet Sunkist. So good.

So that was my cooking adventure for the week haha. More to come, hopefully. 

If you're on Pinterest and have some recipe ideas for me, please do tag me in whatever recipe pin you would like for me to see. That'd be just swell.


  1. first of all, i read your blog as one of my school-work distractions. thanks for being more profitable than facebook (; seriously though, your blog is very encouraging.

    second, i also read the pioneer woman's cooking blog and am alternately put through stages of laughter, longing, and excessive hunger. i'm glad to know i'm not the only one (:

  2. great job! :) this is another great summer recipe that Colin and I have LOVED making. It's super easy. the only thing I change is I put the tomatoes on top halfway through cooking so they get warm and such, too.


    make this before tomatoes are out of season!

    (Also a tip, you only use about half the log of fresh mozz, and you can freeze the rest for another recipe/next time!)

  3. Hey girl! Sounds delicious!! I remember that stage of what in the world is something else I can cook besides the basics??? There's two awesome, simple recipes I love to do - one is more of a fall/winter meal and one for whenver.
    1) Chicken bruschetta (sp?) - marinate chicken breasts in sundried tomato vinegarrette dressing then grill on tin foil & at the end add the 5 italian cheese blend & diced tomatoes! DELISH!
    2) salsa swiss steak - a crockpot delicacy! ;)
    take top round steak (or really any kind you want) - about 5-6 pieces & put them in the crockpot with a cut up red pepper, green pepper, & 1 medium onion. In a separate bowl do 1 can of cream of mushroom soup, 1 cup of salsa, and 2 tbs all purpose flour, and 1 tsp dry mustard, & mix together & then pour on top of the meat & peppers. You can either cook on low for 9-10 hrs or high for 4 1/2-5 hrs! Make it with mashed taters and cornbread and it is SPECTACULAR!!!!

    Let me know if you try them! ;) GOOD LUCK!

    - Leanna<3

  4. Hi Ashley! Just tagged you in a few recipes on Pinterest that I thought you might like. :)

  5. Following you on Pinterest, its my latest addiction... Also, The Pioneer Women has a show on Food Network on Saturday's at 11:30 am.. I will find recipes and tag you on pinterest. I love to cook... Have enjoyed reading your blog too

  6. Looks yummy!! I'll have to check that out. :)



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