Monday, September 12, 2011

a case of the somedays.

Jordan and I are getting ready to go to bed, trying to maneuver around each other to use the sink.

I think, "Someday we're going to have two sinks to use. Also more than one bathroom."

I'm trying to prepare a meal on a tiny bit of counter space. I barely move and lose four pieces of chicken to the floor.

I think, "Someday I'm going to have a huge counter and an island and this won't be a problem."

I'm stuffing things into our bookshelf wondering how I can actually make it look cute. Ehh, probably not possible right now.

I think, "Someday we'll have lots of shelving and I'll have a bookshelf wall with a ladder. Or maybe a library like in Beauty and the Beast."

I run out of space to put the clean clothes in our little closet, so I just lay them across the shelf, probably just for them to fall down and become discombobulated all over again.

I think, "Someday I'll be able to walk in a closet and see my clothes organized so nicely. I'll have a closet like this one."

I turn on three lamps to be able to find whatever I'm looking for in our bedroom.

I think, "Someday we'll have big beautiful windows in our bedroom that let all the light we want shine in."

I watch my car's odometer reach 222,000 miles and pray that it has a lot more to go.

I think, "Someday I'll have a shiny new car that probably won't have a tape player in it."

And then Jordan sets up the card table for us to have a romantic dinner together, after I worked so hard on that little counter to make a good meal for us. And he takes me to go get frozen yogurt in one of our old cars and we laugh at the funny noises it makes and sing on the way there. And we come home and read a devotional together out of a book that doesn't fit on the shelf. I grab one of his t-shirts to put on that are poking out of the closet that doesn't hold our clothes, and we joke around and tease each other as we're sharing that sink in the bathroom getting ready for bed, leaving the bedroom door open so some light from the bathroom will shine into our room in the morning.

And I forget all about my case of the "somedays".

And I thank God for all He's so graciously given us.

And I wonder how on earth I ended up with this amazing man by my side.

And I realize that there is no place in this world I'd rather be.


  1. get it girl. You really get it! LOVE this post!!!

  2. So sweet Ashley. Loved it! :)

  3. great post! i think i have a case of the "someday's" everday. i need to get with it!

  4. LOVE this Ashley. Gratitude is seeing the grace, the gift, of the moment - every moment. Such an encouragement to me today - thanks!

  5. Those things you mentioned are all memories I have from our "falling down" house that bring back many smiles to my face. I think every couple should go through the things you are facing to really appreciate life and what you have been given. It makes the "somedays" even more sweeter when the Lord blesses you with them. This post brought back a lot of memories of 18 years ago for me. Thanks for that stroll. :)

  6. so reflects my case too. thankfulness for what we do have

  7. I finally found a Christian young wife blog that I like! I love this post, it is very well written and has a great message. Thank you!



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