Friday, September 30, 2011 new blog! also, HAWAII.

Well, as you can see, the blog has had a beautiful makeover.

And if you can't see that, you need to get yourself out of your reader and come directly to my site RIGHT now. Okay, I'm assuming you did that. Revel in its improvement. 

Who did this awesome makeover? NOT me, haha. I don't know how to do all of that stuff...yet. But Kim of seven thirty three blog design does! And she has mad skillz. Thank you, Kim!

Isn't it so me? I love it. Do the colors remind you of anything??

Why, my wedding of course! So not only are they colors that I love, but colors that are quite special to me.

And the "love birds" are so perfect! Be expecting a giveaway having to do with birds in honor of my new blog'll be fabulous. :)

Bear with me as I add some new features and such to the blog and tweak things. As you may notice, there are new categories in the top menu bar, which will eventually be filled with wonderful information. It'll be a process.

I'm so happy that the blog is GROWING! Thank you for reading and for blessing me with your internet presence! I appreciate all of your insightful comments and messages so much. I'm so grateful to have the opportunity to write about what God lays on my little sinful-but-saved-by-grace heart.

In other news of blessings, on Wednesday I had an extremely surprising conversation with my husband. He called me from work, which he never does. Usually we text all day long but don't actually have a phone conversation, so I knew something was weird. I was hoping something wasn't wrong.

After making some small talk, I was like "Okay, why are you calling me." 

"Well, I have to go on a little work trip next week, and they're letting me take you if you want to go."

"Ohh okay. Well, yeah of course! Where? Why am I allowed to go with you? Are you sure?" (He travels every once in a while to random cities, so I thought he was going to say some unheard of place in New Jersey or Alabama or something.)

"Yes, I'm sure. We need to decide if we want to stay a little longer than originally planned."

"Why? WHERE?" 



"I am so serious. For six days. And I only have to work one morning while we're there."

"ohmyword ohmyword ohmyword ohmyword"

And then we both broke out into complete giddyness and excitement and we've been like that ever since.

So yes, we have been beyond blessed with this opportunity to go to Hawaii. And every single expense is paid for besides a couple nights of the hotel and some of the food. Amazing. It's like our second honeymoon or something. We cannot believe it. We are SO EXCITED. I keep texting him or just looking at him saying, "We're going to Hawaii." Like it'll help it sink in or something. But I don't think it'll sink in until I'm on a plane for longer than every other time I've been on a plane in my life combined, haha.

As my best friend Ashlee (pictured above on the right!) told me last night, it has been a crazy year for me. Just full of unexpected things. Who knows what else God has planned!



  1. New blog design=awesome
    Trip to Hawaii=dream come true, blessing from Jesus
    Your excitement about life=thrilling to watch

    And those little lovebirds above......over the moon adorable!

  2. beautiful blog, beautiful bride!

  3. Wow. Just wow. Love the new blog look! So excited for you and Jordan...Hawaii!!!!! And NEXT!!!!

  4. I love your new design! It' gorgeous!

  5. Your blog is beautiful!! Ahhhh Hawaii is AWESOME!!!! What island are you going to? I went to Oahu a few years ago and it was SOOOO AMAZING!!! If that's where you're going, make sure you go see Pearl Harbor and the Arizona's worth it. And if you're into hiking there are so many great places for that, but one of the best for great scenery is the Diamond Head State Park--the view from the very top is AWESOME!!! And it's not that bad of a hike, just in direct sun most of the time (it might be that mountain in your pic!). And Waikiki beach is a must. And if you want to go snorkeling (which you should because it rockssss) then you should go to Haunauma's fabulous. Ok, those are my plugs for Hawaii :) And if you're not going to Oahu then I'm sure you'll find something even more fabulous on the other islands!!

  6. How exciting! You better take lots of pictures to share with us:) And the new blog looks really good. Clean, simple & super easy to navigate. Hope you have a safe trip!

  7. Hawaii?!! That's so exciting!
    And I love the new blog design!

  8. This is AMAZING news! WOW! We went to Oahu for our honeymoon and I could have taken that pictures from our hotel. You will have a blast! If you are going to Oahu and want any info, I'm happy to suggest fun things!

  9. Love the new design! And you are soooooo going to love Hawaii! It's beautiful! It and my graduation trip to Paradise Island are by far my two favorite vacations ever! Make sure to check out island life while you're there!



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