Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pinterest and Labor Day.

So since I just told y'all to follow my every thought on Twitter, I thought hey, might as well tell them to follow me on Pinterest too so we'll have every aspect of the internet covered.

So yeah. My Pinterest.

I haven't really gotten into following people on Pinterest that much because usually I just use it for bookmarking ideas. I need to sit down and really explore Pinterest and look at other people's awesome ideas. So I want to follow yours! It would have been nice to have it while I was planning the wedding. If you see something you like you just Pin It so easily and come back to it later, rather than saving links or bookmarking or whatev. And you can organize everything so nicely. Yesterday I pinned a bunch of Pioneer Woman recipes to be able to access them easily instead of looking them up. If you don't have one...I highly recommend it.

So there's my plug for Pinterest. Just go ahead and hop on that bandwagon. And if you want an invite let me know. :)

Today's schedule involves lots of studying for my upcoming fitness certification. I'm starting to get nervous about it and need to finish my study guide. So that's basically my day besides hanging out with my favorite person in the world.

It's so comforting to know that the Lord has a job plan for me. It would be so much more difficult to not know where in the world my life is going and also not know that God is in control. I can't grasp how people do that. But for now, my job is to first and foremost follow Him, and secondly support my husband. And those are the two things I know for sure. :)

Also, here are some pictures from my family's Labor Day trip to the mountains. It was amazing. I LOVE the mountains.

Love my family. Didn't want to leave. I'm so blessed. :)

Have a fabulous Saturday!


  1. two things. 1. the first picture of your family...i'm likin the old man that's creepin in the background. 2. i love that you still wear your bracelet from camp :) best. camp week. ever.

  2. wait sorry to comment again. but i want a pinterest. but you can't jusst make one? you have to be invited? this is 2011...people go to parties all the time even if they're not invited. they can't make such rules for a website.

    anyways. invite me. or whatever. i don't know how this works. just help me get a pinterest..i'm not sure what i have to do. or what you have to do. i'm so confused right now.

  3. I am loving that picture of your family with the golf cart thingy. lol :) Glad you had a wonderful time away with your family in the mountains. I am missing them myself. I am feeling quite behind as I am now getting around to these blog posts!



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