Friday, September 9, 2011


I apologize for multiple posts today. Not trying to overload you.

But I'm trying to get back into Twitter. I've been into it and then not into it and back and forth for over a year now. But now that more of my friends and family are on it...I can't miss out on the awesome and witty things they have to say. Just can't. How could I then have a real life conversation with them if I've missed all of their tweets? How would I ever function without these social sites to let me know what's going on? Just kidding but seriously.

Also I changed my Twitter name. It is now:


So follow me! And say hey! And let me know it's you!


  1. I will totally follow you! I actually tweeted one of your blog posts today (hope you don't mind :)!

  2. I definitely don't mind! You'll have to let me know what your Twitter name is so I can follow you too!



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