Friday, October 14, 2011

first blog anniversary.

I was going to start writing about Hawaii today, but then I randomly decided to check how long I've been blogging because I knew it was last October that I started. Weird, because TODAY is my first blog anniversary! Or blogiversary I suppose. I'm glad I looked it up! Haha. 

The blog has come a long way. It started out as just a casual side thing for when I had time. 

But now...I feel like...dare I say it?
A blogger.

I love it. I seriously do. I love the times of reflection, the challenge, the way to look back on lessons learned, the community, the growth - everything. It truly is a constant journey and I'm so glad I started it a year ago!

I must admit - sometimes I've had moments of "Why do I blog??" - but that thought disappears when I get a message from someone about the blog or I make a new friend through it. Anything I've ever written that has encouraged someone is worth it, and it's totally not me - I am NOTHING without Christ.

One of the main reasons I've continued blogging is because of inspiration from others. I want to name a few of them today so they can celebrate with me. :)

Lillian Renee - Who started it all. She was definitely my first inspiration to blog. She just got married so I'm eager for her to get back to blogging and see her new changes she's going to make with the blog.

Rachel - I think this was the first blog I ever started reading. She's a gorgeous person inside and out and inspires me with her marriage. Rachel also is a mother-to-be! I'm sooo excited for her!

Kellie @ Just Me - Who knew that my second grade teacher and I would become blogging friends 16 years later? Crazy, haha. She has left encouraging comments since day one, literally. She was my first comment. :) 

Josh & Danielle and Anna - They're my siblings who inspire me constantly in life - so of course they inspire me through their blogs! Since we don't live in the same city or the same side of the world, I love keeping up with them through their blogs. So thankful for them.

Love Being a Nonny - This godly woman loves her family so much and was one of my most early encouragers on the blog. I think she was the first person whom I've never met in person to start communicating with me regularly on here. She's a blessing!

A Wedding Story - This beautiful girl has a lovely blog and has inspired me greatly when it comes to blogging. When she started commenting on my posts, I felt like I was in star shock. Haha. She has what I like to call a "big time" blog - you know, like 1000 followers. So she really has no idea how her uplifting words have affected me. Can't wait to meet her little one who should be arriving any day!

Tales of the Trees - Okay this may be a little creepy because I've never even communicated back and forth with Megan. But I LOVE her blog. What inspires me about it is how real she is, which is something I always want to be. I don't want to hide behind some perfect-acting blog face and I love how she's a good example of that. Also, her baby is ridiculously cute.

I could definitely go on...and just because I didn't mention you doesn't mean you don't inspire me...because literally every blog that I read inspires me. I'll just have to talk more about it later, haha. A lot of my blog friends are new to me, too, and I just listed the ones that have motivated me from the beginning. 

Thank you for celebrating my blogiversary with me. As long as God continues to use the blog, I'll keep doing it. If there's ever a time when that ceases...then I'm gonna stop. But for now, on to year two! :)



  1. Happy Blogiversary! How sweet are you??!!!!! Thanks for the shout out! I too love Tales Of The Trees and your two *sister's* blogs!!! Keep writing! At the end of each year I have my blog printed into a book. I have the books laying in my den and people love looking through them. I hope my grandchildren will love having them one day!

  2. Such a sweet post!! Congrats to 1 year and I can't wait for many more. I love reading your blog! Have a great weekend!

  3. Happy blogaversary!!! So exciting for sure :) :)

  4. Hello! :) Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my page...I'm glad you did that, because it let me to your Blog...which I love! :)

    Happy Blogiversary! How exciting! I can't wait to follow your journey! That was really sweet of you to give a shout out to your favorite Bloggers!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Oops...

    I meant *led me to your Blog! Ugh! Sorry!

  6. Happy Birthday to your blog! ;) I don't comment on each entry but I do read each one & I'd like to tell you what an inspiration you are to me as a newlywed wife! Please don't ever stop sharing cuz they do mean alot... to me at least:)

  7. Happy Blogger Anniversary, Ashley! I feel quite honored to be shared on this post. I can't believe I was your first comment, though. haha! I love keeping up with you. :)

  8. You are so sweet and thoughtful-- I feel honored to be mentioned on your awesome blog! It made my day! Keep being an encouragement to all of us. Your heart is beautiful and I love seeing what God is doing in your (and yours and Jordan's!) life!



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