Friday, October 28, 2011


So one of the reasons I've been excited about getting an iPhone is so I can participate in InstaFriday and link up with Life Rearranged. I'm such a blogger nerd, I know. But it's true.
Today, my iPhone came in. I'm loving it already.
Thank you so much for all of the app suggestions - they are awesome! Y'all are so helpful. I've only got a few so far but tomorrow I'll definitely be adding more.

I only have two pictures for InstaFriday because it's only been in my possession for a few hours, but I'm gonna share them anyway BECAUSE I CAN.
 Forgive me for looking so bummy but I mean come on it's been a cold and raaainy day. Everyone should have been bummy today.
Also I seriously skipped getting ready because I was playing with my phone. I'm sure Jordan is hoping that was just a one day thing.

That was my first iPhone picture! We had an excellent dinner at Ragazzi's with my parents. 

 Then it was game time. In honor of my cousin Josh Hamilton, I wore my brother's jersey that he signed oh so long ago. Back in 1999, Josh was the #1 pick at the age of 18. They had a little celebration for him at West Raleigh, which is where my entire family grew up playing baseball (including Josh). 
We got a bunch of stuff signed but he didn't really know how to sign stuff - he had never done it before. Which is why the autograph looks like a kid who put his name in the upper right hand corner of his paper.

So now I'm sitting here watching the game with my fam. We're losing right now...but you never know what could happen. (Did anyone see the CRAZY game last night?!)

Go Josh! Go Rangers! Go iPhone! Go InstaFriday!

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  1. I just got an iPhone a few months ago and I don't know how I "lived" before it:-) Such an amazing little piece of plastic! xoxo

  2. I really admire Josh Hamilton, its so neat he is your cousin. We watched the game and I admit we are Cardinals fans so it went the way we hoped, but I told Trevor I felt bad for the Rangers. Maybe they will get a chance again next year.

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  4. one question. he signed it as #22. but the jersey is #21. which one is itt???

  5. The jersey is my brother's haha. So that's why the numbers are different!

    And I'm commenting from my phone, how cool is that? :)

  6. So excited to get my iphone on tuesday!! Huge Josh fan-my brother played ball with and against him growing up. Tough loss to bear this weekend!

  7. Yes, Go Rangers.....they played a great game and were so close but God is Sovereign even in baseball!!! :)

    So glad about your phone!!! you need to get camera+ app, its fun!!!



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