Saturday, October 22, 2011

iPhone - I need your help!

I am so so so so so excited to say that I am getting the new iPhone 4S!

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I've never wanted a smart phone because I've never needed one. All I needed was to talk and text. 

But now that I have this job, I have to be able to email people constantly. I'm also in charge of their social media which is another thing I have to continually be doing. Jordan and I both agreed that I could do my job MUCH better with a smart phone. should probably expect more blog comments from me. Haha. 

Also, I was overdue for an upgrade. So I upgraded! My phone will be here next week! Ahhh!

I know, I know, I cannot get obsessed with this thing. Material things are NOT what I'm about. Or at least they shouldn't be what I'm about. But I've got to get the hang of this phone once I get it.

That's why I need your help. The main thing with the iPhone is APPS! I am clueless when it comes to apps. 

So give me suggestions, people! What are your favorite apps? What apps make things easier? Which ones are fun? What are some that are not well-known but should be?

Here are some that I already know about and want to get immediately:

Instagram - I'm so excited about this. Being able to take pictures with my phone and share them beautifully & quickly is gonna be awesome.

Pandora - I need music, obviously.

Shop Savvy - Scan the bar code of an item and compare prices at other stores and online - a must!

Mint - Helps you keep track of your personal finances.

Dinner Spinner - From - yayy recipes!

Sooo what else? What are the best apps for the iPhone?

Help me please! :)

*PS - One of my best friends is getting married today. I'm about to rock my bridesmaid dress. Can't wait to share all about it!



  1. I'm getting the iPhone too! I preordered and still haven't received it. Needless to say, im dying in anticipation!!

  2. Just gave you an award on my blog. Go see :) Happy Saturday!!

    Congrats on getting the Iphone. You will love it!

    Have fun at the wedding!!!

  3. um...angry birds of course.

    oh also. the contraction counter. i realize that you are not in need of this quite yet. but in china, josh pulled out his ipod and all he pressed was start and stop and it counted all of danielle's contractions and left a record of them. so cool.

  4. The "iWant" app is awesome if you're ever in an unfamiliar place and looking for a restaurant, coffee shop, post office, park-anything! I use the "Google" app and the Twitter app the most though!

  5. Oh my gosh, I am SO jealous! I really, really, really {hows that for not placing worth on material items?} want an iPhone. Someday soon, it's going to happen. :)

    Anyway, instagram is a must, but I don't really know of any others... have fun with your new addicting toy, girl!

    P.S: Nice to meet another blogging Ashley!

  6. "Crazy Cakes"...tells you where the nearest cupcake shop is :)

  7. I love OurGroceries (keep up with grocery list) SoundHound (hold iphone to radio and give you the lyrics and who sings it) the weather channel, Weather Radio (a must in alabama)Flashlight app, white pages (because it is a phone book and reverse look up), where (place to dine) YOU VERSION of the Holy Bible (can even read you the Bible and has Bible Studies. That about sums up my FAVS :) You will love your new phone!

  8. Congrats! Its a decision you won't regret!
    I can't live with out...The Weather Channel app, Spark Recipes (awesome for finding healthy stuff), Pinterest app (its easy to look up past pins), Google Reader, Facebook, and the app for my bank.

  9. I know I've already weighed in on the apps that I love, but I just had to comment on your blog. :) I read the title of the post as iPhone -- iNeed your help.

    Also, don't forget about your twitter app! :) Then you can tweet on the go!

  10. I have a "ye old" phone so I don't know what to tell ya. lol Hope you have fun with all your new gadgets, er... uh.. APPS on the phone. haha!

  11. Ogmosh!! I'm soooooo excited for you!! So many great apps to choose from! There is a simplenote app that you can share with Jordan and both keep a running list of things together (we use it for groceries and reminders mostly)! Also, the reminder app is awesome (but it comes with your phone!!) it will remind you of things when you get to a certain place (e.g. start the laundry when you walk in the door to your house!!) The KINDLE app!! You can read books on the go without having a kindle!! Angry birds...fantastic game! Facebook and Twitter obviously! Itunes top 100... plays the top 100 songs on Itunes and you can skip the ones you don't like! Spotify (another amazing music app which you can download music to your phone for free)and URBANSPOON (it helps you find great restaurants near you!)



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