Sunday, October 2, 2011

our relationship is more important than...

Yesterday, as you know, I went to my friend Renee's wedding. It was was lovely, Jesus-filled, and she looked perfect. I'm so thankful to have been a part of it. Look at this beautiful couple!

Rewind to pre-wedding. To the part when I was a big dummy.

Let me warn you, that after you read this you will probably want to punch me and award Jordan a medal for putting up with me.

I get home from working out yesterday, about to hop in the shower and get ready for the wedding, when I realize that I definitely did not allocate the appropriate amount of time. For some reason I was thinking it was another dry shampoo day, but alas, I let too many days pass since my last wash. My hair is looking utterly crappy. 

It takes a LOT. More. Time. 
for me to get ready when I have to wash and dry my hair. I have a lot of hair. It gets intensely tangled. Sometimes I feel like it is absolutely refusing to dry. This is not good.

For some reason, whenever I am stressing about something, whether it is getting ready, or studying, or just doing something that I am completely concentrated on, noise such as music or TV really, really bothers me. I do not know why this is so. But is.

So I'm ferociously combing the ridiculous tangles out of my hair and I can hear every word of the tv show Jordan has on. He's munching on a snack, completely relaxed because it takes him all of two minutes to get ready of course. 

So what do I do? Do I ask him sweetly to turn the volume down or to maybe use his computer rather than watch tv? No.

Big dummy move #1: I walk into the living room, take the remote, turn the tv off, and walk back into the bathroom. 

Big dummy move #2: I exclaim that the dress I'm wearing looks terrible and I want to change, Jordan comes to the bathroom door and says that it doesn't look terrible, and I close the door telling him not to look at me because yes it does look terrible.

Do you want to punch me yet?

I gather my makeup to put on in the car, and we jump in and leave. 

Big dummy move #3: I throw my stuff in the car and slam the door after I get in because I'm just in an awful mood at this point.

We then are on our way, and oh wait there's a wreck and traffic so we'll probably be late. We go another way - oh of course, ANOTHER wreck, and traffic and we'll definitely be late.

Big dummy move #4: I have an extremely bad attitude and lean against the window with my eyes shut yelling inside of my head. Do you ever yell inside of your head? I mean, I guess that's better than outside of your mouth, but it's sinning either way. Unless there are people turning God's temple into a den of thieves or something I suppose. You know, righteous anger or whatev.

Anyway, I guess somewhere along the way to the wedding I got my act together and decided to actually try to be loving and respectful to my husband and not act like a two year old, but it was quite a few dummy moves too late. 

I had to ask the Lord for forgiveness for my bad attitude, and ask Jordan for his forgiveness as well. What a trooper he is.

Later, at the wedding reception, they had a jar set out for people to put marriage advice, well wishes, and messages for them in. The first piece of advice that I thought of came from the fact that I had been awful earlier that day. I told them to remember that their relationship is more important than whatever is stressing them out at the moment.

This is something that I need to beat into my head.

Our relationship is more important than something small annoying me.

Our relationship is more important than thinking I look good.

Our relationship is more important than getting somewhere on time.

Our relationship is more important than ________________.

I can fill in the blank with anything other than God, really.

There are going to be times when I'm not in the best of moods or when something is really driving me crazy. I CANNOT take those things out on Jordan. Our relationship is more important! 

Hopefully this will pop into my head BEFORE I am a big dummy next time. Let's pray that it will.



  1. I have those days, too. But thankfully, like you, I have a husband who is too good to me to let it bother him.

  2. First of all... remember you are human. :) Secondly, we all have those days and they can come out of nowhere. Learn from the days like this and just ask the Lord to help you when that attitude arises. He is the only one that can calm that down in the right way. :) It was nice to see you yesterday. I would have loved to have talked more with you.

  3. I love the fact that you put everything out there. It is real and genuine. The thing I hate the most is reading blogs of people who "pretend" that there life is extremely perfect. No one is perfect and no one has a relationship that is perfect. It's nice to be able to read your blog and laugh to myself because I can relate so well! Thanks for being real :)

    <33 A.M. Anonymous

  4. When I get stressed and act like that, I get so frustrated with myself too. Add a baby into the mix, while trying to get ready for a wedding (or anything) and even more patience is needed! But the Lord is faithful! Your honesty is a good thing. I like your new makeover, btw!

  5. And here I thought I was the only 24-year old on the planet who throws temper tantrums over her hair. :)

    A week or so ago my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight and I was sitting there crying and just looked at him all of a sudden and said "I don't even know what I'm upset about!" Um...maybe that just makes me crazy?

  6. Thank you for writing this. Trust me, this has made me feel a lot better. I had a big dummy move myself a day ago. Thankfully my husband has been gracious to me :) I am newly married (2 months old on the 8th of March) and I am looking forward to reading many more blogs from you on here.
    Thanks again and God bless,



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