Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wedding advice - videographer.

I really don't have to explain why you should get a wedding videographer - I'll let these two amazing highlight videos do the explaining for me.

Jordan & Ashley Highlights from Josh Sliffe on Vimeo.

Seriously...I could watch those every day. 

This is one thing that I am SO SO GLAD we did. We're going to be able to watch footage from our wedding - getting ready, the ceremony, reception - for years to come. 

If we have kids we'll get to show them someday. And they'll be like wow, mom and dad. Y'all were awesome. Haha.

I know that video is not necessary. A lot of people opt out of getting a videographer, but I knew that is was crucial for us and was worth every penny. Yes, I love pictures, but there's just something about video that I just adore. 

The video captured moments that I didn't remember because so much happened that day or things that I would have never known about - like Jordan and his guys joking around in the groom's room, Jordan literally taking my breath away when he put the ring on my finger, the looks of love we gave each other. 

When we focused on remembering what Christ did for us through communion during the ceremony, Jordan was praying (so just I could hear) and messed up what he was saying three times in a row, which I would have never remembered if it wasn't caught on video. Jordan had a microphone on him just for the video so we could hear what we were saying to each other later. We cracked up about it. I love it.

Our videographer was Josh Sliffe. You can use the link from the videos above to go see his other videos. He does videography for The Summit Church and it is amazing. Usually his website is, but it seems to be under construction. So I'd just go to the vimeo site if you're interested. 

I also know another talented videographer who is one of our friends - Derrick Green. Like Josh, he is in the Raleigh area but I'm sure they are willing to travel. Both guys happen to love the Lord, so that's a plus too in my book. :)

If you're getting a videographer, you should read the contract very carefully. One thing I loved about Josh's contract was that I knew we were going to get a highlight video, I knew we could get multiple copies of the ceremony video, and I knew we would be getting ALL of the footage on an external hard drive. Also, he brought two assistants so he could have help and have multiple angles. Just know what you're signing up for when you do it.

Make sure you check out my wedding advice about other topics such as getting a wedding planner and choosing a location. :)



  1. Absolutely. Beautiful. We had a videographer too, but haven't seen it yet.

    Where was your wedding? It was beautiful!!

  2. Ashley-

    Absolutely beautiful!! :) It made me tear up and remember my wedding and how special it was. We had a videographer too and everyone should have one! I want to see you and Jordan's dance! :) Also, if you would ever want to share some of the external footage, I would certainly enjoy it!

    A.M. Anonymous

  3. Love those videos! Beautiful! That is one thing I fought for because my mom didn't think it was necessary and I'm SO glad we did! It is true about capturing things you wouldn't remember otherwise or missed completely. It is definitely what I would tell every bride to make sure they have even if they just have a friend taking footage.

  4. My word! The videos had me in tears. Absolutely beautiful. I'm 19 and still waiting on my Mr. Right to come along. My faith is not as strong as it should be in this area but I stumbled across you blog not too long ago and it has been a huge blessing and source of encouragement for me. So for that I want to thank you so much for sharing your stories and struggles.

    Oh and PS idk if I missed it or you just haven't posed about it but I was wondering if you have shared your love story yet? Like how u guys met and started dating.

  5. I AGREE!! We almost didn't have one... and ours wasn't done as professionally and awesomely as yours, but we've watched it multiple times already. Ours was just of the ceremony and then a family member (unprompted) took a video of the highlights of the reception.. so that was sweet! :) Your wedding was gorgeous and you are fantastic!! I miss you!! Can't wait to see you at Christmas!!

  6. wowza... you had SUCH a beautiful wedding ashley!

  7. I was so glad that we got a videographer too! I love your wedding videos!

  8. Oh my goodness - there are so many awesome things I loved about these videos!!

    ~ I love the idea of getting video footage of everything about the awesome to look back on.
    ~ Your dress was like beautiful!! And you are too! :)
    ~ I love the idea of the dance you and your hubby did (the one w/ actions)...pretty sweet! And the fact that you had a dance - I know not everyone agrees w/ that for weddings, but yours looked awesome!!

    Basically, I loved your videos so much - can't wait to do something like that for my wedding! Thanks so much for posting these!! :) <3

  9. I know that video is not necessary. A lot of people opt out of getting a videographer, but I knew that is was crucial for us and was worth every penny. Yes, I love pictures, but there's just something about video that I just adore. filmare nunta



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