Saturday, October 1, 2011

a wedding and growing up.

Thank you for your sweet comments yesterday! I'm glad you like the new blog look and I hope you'll like the changes that will continue to happen with it. And thank you for your Hawaii suggestions! We are going to Oahu and have been trying to plan a few amazing activities so your ideas are much appreciated. I'll definitely be sharing pictures whenever we return that's fo sho.

Today is my dear friend Renee's wedding. You may remember me talking about her when we celebrated her bachelorette weekend. :) Last night we had such a sweet time of fellowship at her rehearsal dinner, and today Carrie and I will be the best program attendants/greeters you've ever seen. I'm pumped. Renee and Derrick's godly relationship inspires me and I cannot wait to see them enter into the awesomeness of marriage. I'm also excited about dancing with my hotttt date.

How cute is she??

In a closet. We are weird.

All of us on the beach at her celebration weekend! - Jessica, Cari, Bethany, Me, Jessi, Renee, Whitney, Carrie

Now that I'm writing about this, it has made me think of how she blogged on my wedding day about our amazing group of friends and how she was excited about my day. That seriously seems like a couple weeks ago. How is it now October?? Didn't we seriously JUST get married? I have a feeling that I"m going to feel like a newlywed for years to come. Actually, how are we all this old? Maybe I just feel like a teenager pretending to live in an adult world still. I don't know but growing up is a pretty crazy thing. 

Will I ever actually feel "grown up"? 

When did you (if you ever have) first feel grown up? Graduation? House? Kids? Kids' graduation? Grandkids? Ever? 



  1. I feel grown up when I see you all get married... and am about to photograph one today. Yeah.. I am feelin' old. :) But some days I feel like I should still be 18. I guess that is just what life is all about. :)

  2. I'm 29 and still don't feel grown up yet!

  3. I was just thinking about how we're going to be 24 next year. WHAT? I can't keep up...

  4. I wrote a post about this same topic a while ago. I don't know if I'll ever feel like my previous idea of "grown-up", because I used to think that grown-ups had everything figured out and were confident in all their decisions - but I don't think that's true, no matter what your age. I'm adjusting my idea of "grown-up". I do think having a baby helps. Alot!



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