Friday, November 11, 2011

InstaFriday and important Christmas card advice.

I don't have many pics from this week. Actually they're all from last weekend. But I'll share them anyway. :)

NC State vs. UNC - It was a pretty scoreboard! 

Five years in a row. :) Also, look who happened to be standing right behind me - our pal David Thompson!

It was a beautiful day for a win. But win or lose, I'm always proud to be a Wolfpack alumnus. 

And then a great night to get frozen yogurt with friends! I had cake batter and chocolate from Sweet Frog and it was so delicious. I'd eat some right now and it's not even 9am. 

So that's all of my pictures. I'll probably take more this week. There's actually not a link up today but I decided to have my own InstaFriday haha. 

Okay now to my Christmas card advice....

Whenever you are ordering your Christmas cards, and you pick out your cute little design, and your picture of your smiling family, and you're deciding what to put in the text box,

PLEASE remember 

to NOT put an apostrophe 

in the PLURAL form of your family name.

For instance,

The Shelley's



The Shelleys

Right!! :)

If I went with the first one it would be like I'm saying the person named Shelley has something but I'm not going to tell you what it is. Like Shelley's purse. Shelley's car. Shelley's hair is pretty. And so on. 

I guess I could say "Love, The Shelleys' Christmas card" or "Love, The Shelleys' Household" because that would be making it POSSESSIVE. But I highly doubt anyone would ever do that. And even if you did the apostrophe would go AFTER the PLURAL form of your name.

I know, I'm not perfect at grammar or punctuation, I make grammar mistakes all the time, and you might think this is dumb to care, but every year I see that same common mistake and I just want to stop the abuse of the apostrophe. It doesn't want to be there. It's not doing its job. It would be a false apostrophe, and no apostrophe wants to be a liar. 

Consider me the apostrophe advocate.

So there's my random information for the day. Hope you have a marvelous weekend. :)

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Oh and of course - it's 11/11/11! Love it!



  1. bhahahah... "it doesnt want to be there" :)
    thats actually really helpful cuz I did that mistake two years ago... oopsies=D
    hope you enjoy 11.11.11 as well!

  2. Your lesson made me think of this:


  3. Haha! That drives me nuts too! Our last name is Hughes, so we have to say "Love, The Hugheses" which, when I was first married seemed so wrong, yet grammaticaly correct. Good advice :)

  4. Your grammar lesson is FREAKIN' awesome...and much needed. Nothing drives me crazier than when families or companies put that apostrophe there...

    megs [at] Shine On

  5. And what to do when you have a last name like Ickes...I usually put The Ickes Family. That's the best I've come up with.

  6. HAHA- Oh, you're funny!! Thank you for that writing reminder... hopefully it will save some poor soul from sending out a card like that. It is plural, not possessive! Anyway, looks like you've been having some good times! That fro yo looks AMAZE!! Happy 11/11/11!! :)

  7. Hello! I think I'm your newest follower. I'm really enjoying what I've been reading!! Check out my blog too and let me know what you think!! :)

    Ps. I'm a soon-to-be Christian wife too! I just love your title so much!!

  8. Thanks for sharing your lovely Christmas card advice!! I probably would have done that, I probably have before. Don't hate! LOL! Have a great weekend!

  9. haha! That always bothered me too!

  10. I'm a new follower of yours=).
    I love your blog..Check out my blog and follow back..



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