Monday, November 7, 2011

warning: basketball is here.

Normally I try to blog almost every day. It doesn't seem right when I don't now that I've gotten into the habit of it. But that consistency may suffer here for a little bit.
Why? Basketball season has started. 

As you may know, coaching basketball is one of my favorite things in the world to do. I've been an assistant coach for varsity girls for 5 years and have LOVED it.

My dad is the varsity girls' coach. He coached the varsity guys for years, then switched to girls when I was a junior in high school. Yes, he was quite hard on me. But I was glad it was that way - I didn't want to be his favorite. It toughened me up a lot.

One game, during the first two minutes, when I went for the ball the same time as a 6'2'' girl I got slammed in the face. Mom said I looked like I was drunk when I got up and started walking. You'd think dad would take me out - but no. He said "You're fine!" and I kept playing. 

This is what I looked like the next couple weeks.

So attractive, I know. And that week at school I had basketball team pictures, student council pictures, and I had to get my picture taken for the News and Observer because I got the Wendy's Heisman award. If I tried to cover it up it looked worse, so I just had to let it shine in all of those pictures. Awesome.

Anyway, he is seriously an amazing coach. He has revolutionized the basketball program there, building a tradition with his assistant coaches who turned into head coaches.

Like me. :)

Just to let you know how amazing he is and how the program has turned around, after over a decade of no state championships, the varsity girls have won four out of the last five. That is FOUR state championships in five years. Crazy. 

So thankfully I've learned from the best. I appreciate him teaching me how to coach basketball more than he would ever know. And not only that, but how to be a Christ-like example for the players and make that the most important thing. He has always made devotions before games a priority and I intend to do the same thing. He constantly prays with the team. His words of wisdom have influenced countless students.

Me and the girls we led to the State Championship last season!

Now it's my time to be a head coach too. I'm in charge of a wonderful group of JV girls. I'm nervous, excited, overwhelmed, humbled, grateful, and so many other things. I want to do the very best that I can. I hope that Christ can shine through me to the girls and that they will learn so much more than basketball.

We had tryouts last week and now the difficult, sweaty, run-til-you-drop, beginning of the season practices have started. Our first games are next week! Therefore I may not be as active in the blogging world. But I'm still here. Maybe God will allow more time for me than I think - we'll see. 

Does anyone else coach a sport or have you ever? Did you have any coaches who greatly influenced you growing up? I'd love to hear about it. 

Happy Monday and don't forget about my giveaway! :)



  1. I currently am an assistant coach for the Varsity softball program and Junior High softball program at both of the local schools in the town I live. I absolutely love every minute of it. I had two coaches that really influenced me both on and off the field: Tim Ryan and Tim Pink. They have impacted me in ways they will never know. I love them both dearly and still keep in touch to this day.

  2. well, coaches that influenced me would be, YOU and your FATHER! i love you both so much and i enjoyed every minute of playing ball and learning under your dad and you :) also, i misses basketball so much and i pray for you daily. i know you are going to be the best coach ever! love you ashley!

  3. my high school cheerleading coach was amazing she inspired me to become a teacher and hopefuly one day a cheerleading coach if I can get that to fall into my lap:)

    follow me at

  4. I coach 6th through 8th grade volleyball at the local Christian school and I love it. Our girls went 7 and 2 this season and took third in their only tournament. This team/school volleyball has only won one MAYBE two games per season in the history of the program. It was inspiring to see how excited they and their parents were. Best feeling ever. Good luck this season!

  5. We just started coaching a basketball team for our neighborhood kids :-) even though I know nothing about basketball - I help my hubby the best I can anyways!

  6. Ouch, that looks painful! Congrats on being a head coach... you'll do great:)

  7. My favorite? Coach...Hamilton

    My Senior basketball season was seriously the best season ever :)

    I love both of you!


  8. I have never coached anything, but I had one of the best coaches when I played JV basketball. He always pushed us to do our personal best and to work together as a team, but he also made it fun!

  9. Oh, Ashley that' sooooo exciting!! You are going to be an excellent coach! Way to uphold the Hamilton tradition even as a Shelley!! :)

  10. I was a basketball player in high school, too. I had so many bruises, I started naming them and calling them my trophies! lol.


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  12. Is it off the dribble or off the screen? How does he or she use the screen? What does he or she do on defense? etc.



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