Saturday, November 26, 2011

what a week.

Yeah, I've pretty much abandoned the blog this week. But it's all in the name of Thanksgiving and family.

I'll just give you a quick run down of what's been going on.

I made cake pops, smore bars, and cookie dough bites. To accompany at least 12 other desserts featured here at this family beach trip. To say I've splurged this week is an understatement. I've had "dessert" after every meal. Which means if I eat one cracker I'll probably have "dessert" afterwards. Yeahhh I'm just not even trying to hold back. There will be pictures of these scrumptious delicacies, don't worry.

I'm sitting with a beautiful view of the ocean right now. It's in the 70s outside and is it almost December? I love the beach.

My new family is AWESOME. I would have blogged before now...but I've been too busy having a blast with them. We've been eating, hanging out, watching sports, playing board games, riding around in golf carts, singing songs to Jesus, and laughing our heads off. Love it. 

We had an incredible time with my side of the family too. Never a dull moment, that's for sure. I'll share pictures later...for now I've gotta get back to the fam and the NC State game! Have an excellent rest of the weekend, friends!

Even Siri was celebrating this weekend. :)

Yeah, she calls me Coach. We're so tight.



  1. Nothing like married into a great one, Coach!!:)

  2. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving!!! :)

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  4. Just saw you are a new follower on my blog and stopped in. Absolutely love it and feel like we would be great friends!! Thanks for stopping over!! :) Love being young, married, and striving for Christ all in one!

  5. I know I already commented, but just wanted to let you know that your post on "let the man pursue you" was one of the best posts!!



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