Tuesday, November 8, 2011

writing about our love story.

I've gotten numerous emails, messages, and comments asking me about our "love story". 

I know that I've never really laid it all out there in a story format, and if this truly concerns you then I will discuss it with you in detail privately. Haha. But seriously I think it's really sweet that people want to actually know our story. Because it was written by the best writer of all time of course. (If you don't know who I'm referring to then I'll just say it starts with a capital G and ends with an od.)

And I have written about parts of how our relationship came to be, here's a few of the posts:
But ya know, there are just some things a girl's gotta keep private. There are certain circumstances in our series of events that I just don't feel a need to blog about. In order for me to blog about them I would have to include people who may not want to be included. And I don't want to disrespect anyone.

Most importantly, I never ever ever ever ever infinity ever want to disrespect my husband on this blog. If that ever happened I would delete the post, apologize, and refocus my blogging. I'm not one to complain a lot because I think it's a waste of time anyway, but you will not read any complaints from me about what Jordan does do or doesn't do or whatever. Unless it's not serious at all and we joke about it and I absolutely know for sure that he wouldn't mind. (Like when I wrote about little pet peeves.

I don't want to embarrass him, or share too much, or tell you every little thing about our life together. It's just not worth it. I can write that in my personal journal if I want to.

Oh don't worry, I'll tell you all kinds of horrible, embarrassing things about myself that happen as I learn how to be a wife. I just want to be careful when talking about us or Jordan or anything that he would not like to be on the world wide web.

People have said that from reading my blog it sounds like Jordan is "perfect". And they're right. He is.

Haha, justttt kidding. He's perfect for me but he's not perfect. If that makes sense. But I understand why they would say that. Because I don't write bad stuff about him on here!

I don't talk badly about Jordan to anyone, so don't feel left out. Not even my cats. It just shouldn't happen. If I'm ever talking to one of my best friends about something that may be negative in our relationship, it's because I'm seeking advice about how to be a better wife. Some people think "venting" is okay and that you're just getting it off your chest, but I can vent to God if I want to! I'm not going to disrespect my husband by talking badly about him. If I do - call me out on it please.

So ANYWAY, with all that said, I will give you a little more info about our love story. It's not going to be the juicy, scandalous story you're hoping for, but it'll explain more about how we met and how God's timing is perfect and all that. 

So come back tomorrow if you are one of those people who want to know more about our love story! :) 

Thought I'd just throw a few engagement pictures in there for y'all's viewing pleasure. Neil Boyd Photography is awesome.



  1. I think it's wonderful that you are keeping those things private in your relationship! I've never been one to air dirty laundry, which is why I don't really discuss HUGE details of my past relationships on here (with the exception of the cheating post I posted a few weeks ago). But even now, when I mayyyy have a love interest in the very near future, I don't want to blog about it because it's personal, ya know? So I totally hear you on not wanting to post a lot of things. But I'm looking forward to reading your post!!

  2. I think privacy is so important. It is part of what keeps relationships intimate.. knowing that there is something special that you only share with that one person.
    I look forward to your post tomorrow about timing as I believe its so true as I met my husband at age 17 and now we've been married almost 6 months :)

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  3. Eeeeee!!! I LOVE a good love story! Can't wait to read along! hopefully very soon I'll have my own love story to add to (found the man, now need the ring,a nd the marriage!)


  4. Ahhhhh, I am loving your pics! You guys are the CUTEST couple!!!

  5. Marriage and relationships should be kept inside your house and between you and your loved one. It is nice to share your love for eachother, but I agree that the whole world doesn't need to know every little detail. You all are an amazing couple and I am glad I found your blog. GREAT PICS. I can't wait til I can do engagement photos.

  6. Can't wait to hear! I love those pictures - and I totally agree, I would NEVER disrespect my husband on my blog either!

  7. Ashley,

    I just discovered your blog yesterday and have been reading it for the past two days. I just wanted to let you know that I have been greatly encouraged through reading your advice, thoughts, and experiences. You have no idea how much you have helped me both in my current relationship (which is complicated...I would go into detail but it's a long story. haha) and in my relationship with God. I look forward to reading more about your relationship with Jordan, your advice, and your wisdom on this topic. Thank you so much!! :-)

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