Saturday, December 31, 2011

my top events of 2011.

It's time to remember the top events of 2011. My, what a year it has been. Probably the craziest, most memorable year of my life thus far. :)

Last year I gave a recap of 2011 which I loved looking back on. I used to always give yearly Top 10's on MySpace. Yes, MySpace. How times have changed. So I guess now I'll make it a blog tradition. Except for there's more than 10...

Besides the Top Three or so there's not really an order. I tried to make it an order but it just wasn't possible. Here goes.

14. Weddings
Aaron and Molly, Chris and Erica, Derrick and Renee, Ricky and Britney - such a fun year of weddings! Marriage = awesome.

13. North Augusta Easter Trip 
Every year my family goes to visit my cousins in North Augusta for Easter. It is SO FUN. This year was even more fun because I got to take a friend for the first time. A friend who also happened to be my husband. :)

12. Beach Trips with the Family
North Myrtle Beach with my side of the family and all my cousins, and Topsail Beach with Jordan's side. Those trips were amazing. I'm so thankful for our family!

11. Our First Holidays
I never knew how awesome it would be to share that special time of year with my husband. We had a blast visiting all of our family and going on the Thanksgiving beach trip. Then our Christmas was AMAZING! It was such a perfect way to finish out the year. So thankful that I get to do it again next year, and forever. :)

10. My First Earthquake
This had to make the list. I mean, an earthquake in NC? That's insane. I'll never forget that extremely weird day.

Earthquake Craziness

9. Camp
Counseling at MTYC was such an awesome week. (Besides the fact that I missed Jordan like crazy.) I loved the campers, my cabin, my co-counselor, and my Green Team. 

Counseling at Camp

8. Graduating
YEEAUHHHHHH. And then I hit the real world.

7. Baptism
Glory Hallelujah what a day this was! It was so amazing to have this outward symbol of the inward change in my life. :) Praise the Lord!

Excited for Baptism
My Baptism!

6. The Birth of my Nephew
Harvey came into the world on May 20, 2011, and made us an aunt and uncle for the first time! We LOVE him and miss him so much! (And his parents!)

Dear Nephew
Dear Nephew - About to Meet Him

5. My Bachelorette Weekend and Showers
Spending time with my dearest friends before the wedding was so special to me. I am overly blessed with uplifting and supportive women in my life. I miss that time because we got to hang out so much! LOVE my friends!

4. Hawaii
Definitely never thought this would happen this year. Or maybe ever. It was a crazy trip and such a wonderful experience for us. A part of us will always be there....literally.

Finding Out About Hawaii
What I Learned in Hawaii
The Scariest Thing That's Ever Happened to Me

3. Dad winning MVP Dad for Boston
I still can't believe this happened. Did this happen?? Was it real?? Again, thank you SO much to everyone who voted. And thanks to my dad for being the man.

The Contest
Fenway Father's Day

2. Our Honeymoon
Ahhh I wanna go back. Right now. I will never forget the amazing time we had during that first week of marriage. So special. I also now just realized that I never finished blogging about it. Hmm. Maybe I can share some more pics sometime!

Our Honeymoon - Savannah
Our Honeymoon - Universal Studios

1. Our Wedding Day
You knew this was going to be #1. How could it not be? WE GOT MARRIED! Best day ever. I will never tire of looking at the pictures or watching the video. And I am so ridiculously blessed with this man whom I now call my husband. God, You are the perfect matchmaker. No one else could have brought two people together like He did. I am eternally grateful. And eternally head over heels blissfully in love with Jordan Shelley.

Our Love Story

Wow. I can't believe 2011 is ending. How have we been married for over 9 months? This has been the fastest year. I bet life just gets faster and faster. 

I am so pumped to see what God has in store for my life in 2012. I want it all to be for His glory - I mean that's the only reason I'm LIVING right now - to give Him glory. I want the theme of 2012 to be surrender to Him. (As it should be all the time.) But I'll talk about that tomorrow...

For now, happy last day of 2011! 



  1. My wedding was my number 1 too and our honeymoon was number 2! :) I'm so glad you had such a great year! I hope 2012 is just as perfect!


  2. What a wonderful year for you and your hubby :) I would DIE for that orange dress (your third picture of the post) ...I loved it!

    Happy New Year!

  3. So fun!! I have to make a best of 2011 list too. What a great year!! Def. one for the books!

  4. What a fantastic year for you and your hubby! Your wedding photos are beautiful and your trips sound fabulous. 2012 has a lot to live up to! Happy new year!

  5. Looks like you had a WONDERFUL year!! Here's to an even better 2012! :)

  6. You have had an amazing fun filled year may 2012 be filled with more blessings and fun adventures!!

  7. Sounds like an amazing year! Lucky you!

  8. Since I'm a new follower this was awesome to read! Hope your 2012 is just as amazing as the past year!! (But it sure will be hard to top! ) :)



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