Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a bunch of randomness and goal updates.

My thoughts are SO all over the place lately so this is gonna be random.

My amazing husband won his fantasy football league which meant we got a bunch of extra ca$h moneyyy. He treated himself to a PS3 and Call of Duty so he can play with his friends. This might sound like a negative thing to some women, but I've been loving it. He's sitting beside me playing his game and I'm on the computer. We're hanging out without doing the exact same thing. And I think it is sooo cute when he gets really into it. :) He even got me a game too! It's called Little Big Planet. I like it but haven't played it that much. I'm so used to my Wii!

The main character is adorable. You can dress it up however you want. This is what it looks like without any clothes, haha.

My basketball team won again yesterday! YESSSSSS. You can call us butter because we're on a rolllllll.

There are still some Christmas decorations I haven't put away. And there are some that I'm claiming are "winter" decorations so I'm leaving them up. January can't take the jollyness from my home!

I'm seriously loving my blogger friends. Y'all inspire me daily.

Did you know that Blogger now has threaded commenting? So you can comment on a comment! Sweet.

I'm back from my Words With Friends break. It had been too long.

Okay so how have I been doing on my goals since it's been all of 2 weeks? (not even)

Some 2012 goals updates:

  • I went to the outlets with my friend and bought no clothes. Since there was a Loft outlet it definitely took some restraint...
  • I got the My Fitness Pal app today to help me log my workouts and meals. Pretty cool. Except for today it said I didn't get enough calories. But I'm pretty sure if it knew I ate Taco Bell last night it'd think differently...
  • Having my Bible reading and prayer time in the morning is fantastic.
  • As some of you may know from my late night emails, I haven't been asleep by 11. But we've been going to bed earlier!
  • I used a new recipe today and it was successful. :)
  • I've been sticking to my cleaning schedule and it is GREAT. Speaking of that...

Coming soon on the blog: 
  • My cleaning schedule
  • My planner and organization notebook
  • The best hot rollers in my opinion
  • My skincare routine
  • More "Real Housewives of the Blog World"
  • More wedding advice
  • Book reviews
  • A giveaway!
I'm off to watch The Biggest Loser! By the way, I went to high school with a guy named Daniel who was on The Biggest Loser twice and met his fiance on there - he is AWESOME. Check out his website especially if you need some fitness motivation!



  1. I use my fitness pal too,and I love it (except that it drains my battery)! Did you know you can scan the barcodes of your food? And it keeps telling me that I may be putting my body in starvation mode. I don't get it. I had 3 snacks today (including 3 oreos)!

    1. Listen to it! I would feel like I ate enough but make myself eat my daily allowance and I lost 30 lbs from my fitness pal :)

  2. Can you do the hot roller post first? And a how to? I mean I'm a licensed hair dresser & all, but I'm not from the south. Us west coast girls have a lot to learn!

  3. Love this post! I know what you mean about the PS3! Jonathan has one & and xbox. He loves it :) haha

  4. Haha! I've been claiming some of our decor is "Winter-y" too so we can leave them up longer ;)

    My Fitness Pal is saweeeet. It's basically the only thing that keeps me on track these days. I really love it! Good luck! :)

  5. I totally agree with the game thing! We do the same thing! My hubby plays computer games and I sit right next to him!
    I have heard great things about myfitnesspal. I use however - same thing.

  6. i didnt know about the thread commenting! finally! that makes me happy :)

  7. ohhh I love when you win money and get to buy something fun for yourself!!

  8. Great resolutions! My husband won his fantasy league too, but we are waiting for the cash money ;) I also approve of this simply because he has won 3 years in a row!

  9. Glad that you are back. I missed you over the holidays :) I can't wait to read your upcoming posts! Have a great weekend!! :)

  10. I'm incredibly proud that I too am not the only one in love with LOFT outlet. You, however, have massive will power! Congrats!

    <3 Happy Saturday!



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