Monday, January 23, 2012

encouraging strangers in Starbucks.

So I'm sitting in Starbucks. (No - not for coffee. You know I don't like coffee. But I sure do love hot chocolate.)


The girl beside me is reading her Bible. She's been reading it for a good 20 minutes now. Very cool.

So the baristo (Is that what you say when it's a guy? I don't know but he's a guy working at Starbucks so yeah) leans over the counter and tries to get her attention. She doesn't hear him so I tell her that he wants to tell her something.

When she looks up he says,
"It's such an encouragement for me to see you reading the Word. Thank you for doing that. That's awesome."

She smiles and says thanks and then thanks me for getting her attention.

Um...holy upliftnedness. 

Basically this is what happened:

Girl reading Bible --> Guy encouraged --> Tells her --> Girl encouraged --> I witness all this --> I'm encouraged.

Why don't we do this more?? It literally took 5 seconds for all three of us to be encouraged. We are strangers. But it doesn't matter. We are brothers and sisters in Christ!

It's little moments like that when I think to myself, "Wow, I love being a part of the body of Christ."

So this is what I learned tonight at Starbucks:

1. Reading God's Word is amazing and ALWAYS worth my time. It can encourage others too.
2. When I see other people in the Word, or helping others, or anything positive really - why not tell them thank you? Why not mention that they inspire me? I talk about negative stuff way too much - I should be focused on encouraging others!
3. The first step of encouragement is being observant. When I'm in my selfish little bubble and oblivious to the world around me, I'm not gonna be very uplifting.
4. Life is way too short to not be kind to people. Really, genuinely kind - overflowing with the love of Christ. No matter where I am. Or if I'm in a hurry or stressed out or worried or anything else that could hinder me. 

Praise the Lord for the encouragement of strangers!

Have you been uplifted by a stranger recently? 



  1. Wow that's amazing! Not by a stranger lately... however I did watch this movie with Justin and my family last night and thought you would love it! It's called Courageous! It's a Christian movie about Dads! It had a wonderful message and was so inspiring!

    Can't wait to read your guest post!


  2. I really like this post.I'm going to look out for opportunities like this :)

  3. so encouraging! thanks for posting this!

  4. So amazing. We went to a new church in raleigh for the first time sunday and it was so moving, while we were lead to pray individually I was so touched and intune with my praying that I let a few tears go. Our sermon was about how only humans can spread the word of God and how God goes to great lengths to put people in certain situations just so he can use them to as a balance for the work he is already doing in others hearts. Made me realize how mcuh more I should pray for myself and the strength I must gain to become one of those people ( aka the girl at starbucks) and just follow a feeling and hopefully I can help God work.

  5. This just brought a huge smile to my face! :)

  6. I love this! Thank you for sharing!!

  7. What a cool story. Thanks for sharing. I would never think to tell someone that they inspire me as I see them reading their Bible, but honestly I'll think about it now!

  8. I love this post and am so glad I found your blog! Thanks for your positive post that I so needed today.

  9. Thanks for sharing this exchange! Very awesome! I too, am inspired by people who spend time in the important!

  10. Such an uplifting post :) you, my friend are quite an encourager too!! Hope you had a great day!

  11. This is awesome. And you are so right, it is so easy to be an encouraging person just by being followers of our God. I had an "I love being apart of the body of Christ" moment too and now I cant think of it. whoops.

    Thanks for encouraging me today with this! :)


  12. I just found your blog and I love it!! :)

    It's a Sunni Dae

  13. I just found your blog through your guest post on Wifestyles! I am so glad to have found your blog - I love finding other Raleigh bloggers! I'll definitely be reading more!

  14. Amazing!! Especially for a guy to say something like that! They can be shy! Just found your blog through Wifestyles & so glad I did! I live in NC too! :) New follower now!

  15. holy moly! what a testament to how little deeds change the world :) this just got ME encouraged! so happy to have found your blog--and see your positive spin on life! enjoy your weekend :) xoxo {av}

  16. this gave me chills! I LOVE #4! life is too short not to be kind-truely kind!!
    well said doll!

  17. It's nice to read that "kindness still knows no shame" Stevie Wonder; and for total strangers to be able to have an instant kindle through a few words shows how it's something so divinely necessary to uphold, acknowledged and live by. Love thy neighbor, he said. Mark 12:31



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