Monday, January 16, 2012

hot rollers: using steam and a cool trick!

I'm here to tell you about my new hot rollers. I think they're great, and I recommend them, but you never know with different hair types. So I can't guarantee anything. That's my disclaimer. Also, I'm not getting paid to talk about this. (I wish!)

With that said, this has turned out to be an excellent Christmas present. (That I asked for. No, Jordan did not pick these out himself haha. That would be...weird.) I can pop these babies into my hair in a jiffy and do my makeup while I let them set. Quite easy.

They are Caruso Professional Steam Hairsetters.

You can get different variations and sizes, but here's a link to some on Amazon.

They're steam rollers, so they're different than normal hot rollers. There's a little contraption that you fill with water which produces steam when it heats up. You put a roller on the contraption for a few seconds and it gets hot and moisturized, which is supposed to be better for your hair than normal rollers. Also I don't burn my little fingers when I put them in. Pretty cool.

Round 1

Sooooo attractive, right? Nothing says, "Good morning, husband, I'm your lovely wife" like a bunch of rollers in your hair.

The result...

Being so fierce in our bathroom. 

Looks like they worked well, doesn't it? 

They did, but....

What's up with some of those ends?? They're all crazy looking! This has always happened to me with rollers. It's frustrating because those kind of ends are hard to fix.

I then watched this amazing video by Wendy's Look Book which showed me how to fix those crazy ends with a cool toilet paper trick! She is so cute. And she does this in her car? Ha! I would fail miserably in my car.

If you didn't watch it, she shows you how to wrap a piece of toilet paper around your ends before you put the roller in so they will be secure and turn out nice and smooth. I wouldn't suggest doing this with normal rollers because it could be possible that your head catches on fire. But with steam rollers it will work wonders. Really. I'll show you.

Round 2

It's hard to look like a g with rollers in. But I tried.

I did like Wendy said and used the toilet paper on my ends. And this is what happened.

Holy curl. I was alarmed because I foresaw a Shirley Temple look in my future.

But after I took out all of the rollers and ran my fingers through the curls, they relaxed and turned out much better! No crazy weird ends.

So there you have it! Love the rollers, love the cool toilet paper trick. 

Love saving time on my hair and not wearing it the same every single day. :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Those are great! I never did well with hot rollers in my younger years. lol :)

  2. You're so pretty! I love rollers!

  3. Take it easy, gorgeous, the rest of us can't keep up! I sadly SUCK at things regarding rollers, nail polish, or anything girly. It's just one of many flaws. ;) You, however, look amaaaazing! Love the curly look on you!

  4. Yayyyy thanks for the turorial!! :) I'm totally trying this! The toilet paper makes sense because they make "hair paper" for perming (you wrap the ends in it before rolling the perm rod) so maybe ill invest in some of those!


  5. I have those rollers and I love them except for the crazy ends. Can't wait to try your new trick!

  6. OK- I need to invest in those curlers. I'm headed to Amazon immediately!! I have an old set of hot curlers that I hate burning my fingers on, and the heavvvvvvvvy feeling of your head. These look fairly 'light' too.. are they?!

  7. You're so cute. Love the hair and the TP trick. Who would have thought?!

  8. Love that trick, and your hair looks gorgeous!!

  9. I love hot rollers. I don't have steam ones, but I do have a set and I love them. So much faster and easier than a curling iron. That is a really cool trick, but I won't try it because I don't want to set my hair on fire. LOL :)

  10. i had no idea that toilet paper would imrpove the ends i wonder what it makes such a different!

  11. Hi :) I'm a new reader I found you from Wifestyles. Anywho, I honestly just bought these after reading this post and I'm SOO excited!! You are to blame if I don't like them - just kidding ;)


  12. Steam rollers.. what the? Where have I been? I want some now! super practical! haha you totally pulled the "thug" Look lol

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